Five Steps to Consciously Change the Energy in Your Home

Growthby Kala Ambrose

As humanity shifts into twenty-first century living, an expanding consciousness and awareness are leading many to examine their lives and lifestyles in order to define who they are at a personal and global level.  In these challenging economic times, people are reviewing the surroundings in which they live and focusing on their home as a retreat from the distractions and turmoil of the outside world. Now more than ever, the concept of home is required to provide a feeling of serenity and comfort.

While this may appear to be a relatively new trend, interior design which focuses on balance and harmony between people and their homes has been highly valued by many cultures throughout history. One of the most widely recognized traditions of uniting people with their dwellings is the art of feng shui. Traditional feng shui began almost six thousand years ago in China and continues today, using geomancy, time, energy and nature to create private homes and commercial buildings. Each structure is designed to create balance and harmony for people in conjunction with their surrounding environment.

An ancient Chinese Proverb
 expresses this
connection between the individual and the world:

If there be righteousness in the heart,
there will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character,
there will be harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home,
there will be order in the nation.

When there is order in each nation,
there will be peace in the world.

In the principles of feng shui, one of the most basic and important cures (a correction to adjust the energy in a space) is to restore order and calm by removing clutter from the home. This simple act can create an immediate visual and emotionally uplifting effect, allowing energy/chi to circulate fully throughout the room. By simply removing the overwhelming stimuli (clutter), a more peaceful environment is created. In the west, many people perform this task in what is described as a ritual of spring and fall cleaning. During this process, the home is cleaned extensively after a long cold winter or hot summer, when windows and doors remain closed and air is unable to circulate freely throughout the house.

Spring and fall are powerful cycles of change in nature, and the change in seasons can create a similar impact on the moods and actions of people. Ancient cultures celebrated the change of seasons, honoring the concept that what occurred in nature, also occurred in man. Just as seeds planted in the fall will bloom in the spring, thoughts planted and nurtured within in the mind will blossom into action.

As the world enters into the new astrological age of Aquarius, astrologers describe the importance of Aquarius, who pours the wisdom from the heavens above down to the people on earth. It is described as a time of enhanced communication and consciousness, and even those who do not follow astrology recognize this period of time as one of the greatest periods in history for advancing communication.

With this understanding, the intent behind personal thoughts, words, actions and deeds now take on even greater importance. Many people are reporting a significant expansion in their multi-sensory capacities beyond the five senses, with sixth, seventh and even more senses opening up to them. They are also noting a deeper connection to the earth, and experiencing a feeling of oneness and connection. This awareness of newfound abilities and responsibilities has led to the definition of a new lifestyle called “Conscious Creators.”

A conscious creator is aware of the law of action and reaction, the power of thought in creating reality, and the impact of thoughts, words, actions and deeds on people and their personal space. In my book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled, I discuss the significance and power of words and their effect on us and others, as well as the significant impact they can create in the home.

“…Humanity was created with free will to do in general whatever they please. Humans were also given a gift they often overlook until it is pointed out to them, which is the power of speech, the power to communicate and to say the word. If we consider the ancient stories of how the Earth was created with a Word, what power do you think exists in this form of communication? How important are your words and what do you create with them?”

“Energy does not die, it just changes form. In the same respect, words do not die. Picture your home for a moment. Once you have the image of your home in mind, think about what conversations (words) occurred in your home in the past year. The energy in words have a sticky substance to them. They attach themselves to people, places and things, especially in homes, which hold energy, especially as we spend so much time indoors during the fall and winter months. Take a moment and imagine that you are holding a blue light, similar to what is used in crime scenes to detect invisible stains which cannot be viewed with the naked eye. Shine this blue light on the walls of your home and visualize every word spoken in your home during the past year. All of these words are stuck on the walls of your home, like wallpaper, and each of them have energy in them that reflects off of your walls. Ask yourself, what kind of energy has been created in my home?”

After trying this exercise, many people decide to consciously remove the residual energy from their home, as well as the visual clutter, to cleanse and restore their home with loving and comforting new energy.

Here are five steps to consciously create and change the energy in your home.

Step One:  Become aware of your words and how you use them, especially in your home. Where your family lives should be the most peaceful place in your world. Resolve to be more aware of this energy, along with the fact that the home is your temple and should be treated with love and respect. The temple of your home protects your family from the elements, provides comfort and shelter, and brings the family together to share in many activities.  Consciously cleansing the home will clear the air, while using your words with conscious wisdom will have a positive impact on the entire family.

Step Two:  Begin to express more words of peace, encouragement, love, kindness and compassion. When engaged in an argument, catch yourself. Count to ten and ask, what are you about to release energetically around you, into your home and towards the people you love?  As a conscious creator, remain aware that what is created daily in the sacred temple of your home nurtures you and your family, night and day.

Step Three:  Create a ceremonial cleansing ritual in your home, using white sage to smudge and purify each room (check with your local metaphysical store to obtain instructions on how to use white sage properly). To begin, make sure to do a prayer of protection. After cleansing yourself in the shower, light a white candle. As you move throughout your home, purifying the rooms with white sage, say a prayer or mantra out loud to bless each room of your house. It is also helpful to open all of the windows during this procedure, which will send old energy outdoors to be dispersed and released. If your home has been exposed to more intense emotions and words by you, someone else in your family, or previous occupants, you may need to repeat this ritual several times over the course of the year to completely remove all of the residual energy.

Step Four:  Paint the walls in your home (in a room where you would like to completely change the energy). Select an entirely different color for your walls and ask for guidance to choose the color most needed in this room. After using sage to purify the room, play uplifting music while painting. As you begin to paint, take a section of the wall and say the word aloud that you would like the room to energetically align with, such as love, peace or grace. With your paintbrush, lightly paint the word on the wall, while saying it aloud three times. Be sure to quickly roll paint over the word before it dries, otherwise you will see what you have written, as it will bleed through when the paint dries.  If you are painting several rooms, you may wish to create special words for each room.  Words that describe an emotion work best, such as, abundance in the dining room, peace in a child’s room, love in the master bedroom, and divine order, which sets the intention for the entire home.

Once the paint has dried and the room is put back together, the introduction of fresh flowers is the quickest way to bring positive new energy into the home.  Continue to think of your home as a sacred temple, remembering to keep each room free from clutter, both in the physical and metaphysical, as clutter can have a detrimental effect on the energy of the room and the people who inhabit the space.

Step Five: A final touch, which serves as a powerful reminder, is to purchase decorative lettering,  which can be easily applied to the walls of any room. There are many companies online who offer a wide variety of quotes or allow you to create a custom phrase of your own. With an uplifting phrase in your room as a visual accent, it will be even easier to remember the new intentions that you are creating for yourself, your family, and the sacred space you call home.

For Added Effect: To create a long lasting energetic boost in your room, purchase ground quartz as sold in the paint department of home renovation stores, (specially ground to go into paint). Before mixing the crushed quartz into the paint, carefully pour it into a bowl. Hold your hands over the bowl and send the desired energy and thought into the quartz. Mix the quartz into the paint, which will reflect both your thoughts and energy, not to mention creating a beautiful sheen on the walls.

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