Weekly Tarotcast for November 2, 2015


Week of November 2 - 8, 2015

Join me each week as I flip the cards and give you a general vibe of the week ahead through the lens of the Tarot!

Monday: Ace of Wands Rx

You may have a lot of ideas percolating in your head but the timing's not right to take action. An idea needs to be fleshed out more to be successful and lead to the outcome you desire. If you've been feeling uninspired, now is the time to shift direction and get out of your comfort zone. Dig deep to find your bliss.

Tuesday: Page of Wands

A new beginning's on the way, thanks to some happy news that energizes your sense of purpose. Channel that energy into a new project and give it everything you've got. Your creative juices flow with ease today. Become the curious student of life and dip your fingers into projects that excite you.

Wednesday: Judgment

Take the time to reflect upon your journey and what needs to change for progress. A "aha" moment leads to a shift in direction. This is a time of karmic cleansing + balancing. Something concludes through a decision making process for your soul to evolve. Meditate and do a life review now.

Thursday: The Hermit

Turn inward today. Drown out the external white noise in order to hear the the wisdom of your inner voice. Get comfortable being alone, so you can re-calibrate your intuitive GPS system. Now is not the time to lean on others. It's your time to focus on yourself and seek personal knowledge. Nature calls. Go on a hike, sit by a stream. Listen to your power animals for insights.

Friday: The Lovers Rx

Look at where there may be disharmony and a lack of communication within a relationship. What can you do to improve the connection? Where do others need to take accountability for their actions? This is not about guilt-tripping or pointing fingers. Instead, work on improving your communications, and find a middle ground.

Saturday: The Wheel of Fortune

Life may be presenting you with a series of up and down cycles, and the best way to flow in harmony with the Universe is to remain flexible and trust that with each challenge, there is an opportunity to stretch beyond your current boundaries. Work with your Angels to guide you through the lessons and learn when you can turn lemons into lemonade.

Sunday: The Magician Rx

It's time to stop wasting your skills and talents on projects or activities that are not making the best use of them. Are you in a job that you are over-qualified for? Maybe you need to assess your skill set and apply for a higher level position and break through your glass ceiling. Lacking confidence? Darling, it's time to take a chance and break out! You can be way more than you are allowing yourself to be.

Tarot Blessings!
Zuri Eberhart

Zuri Eberhart is a Florida based psychic intuitive and energy healer, bringing magic and clarity into the lives of men and women from across the globe. To schedule a private reading with her, contact Zuri at AskZuri.com.