• Weekly Astrological Forecast for July 13 through July 19, 2020
    July 13 through July 19, 2020 With virtually no astrological antics going on in the heavens this week, we can sit back and relax or take a vacation from the stress of life in general. Let’s tackle our most pressing jobs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as the Moon travels through grounded and practical Taurus. We can target Thursday and Friday as catch up days and spend our time chatting, researching information or socializing as the Moon dances through Gemini. A loving energy will surround us over the weekend, as the Cancer Moon has us focused on friends, family, and home. Mercury should be clear of its antics by now, making for a fun and easy-going Saturday and Sunday.... Read More
    Dominique Kajama featured Psychic of the week is Dominique. Dominique specializes in astrology, tarot, and intuition in her readings. She is committed to expanding your well-being and clarity, with spirit’s help. Increase your happiness, joy, authenticity, prosperity, success, expansion, and well-being with Dominique’s insight and guidance. Schedule a reading, check out her free ... Read More

  • The Gold Within You: Seven Alchemical Stages to Attain Spiritual Wholeness
    The Gold Within You: Seven Alchemical Stages to Attain Spiritual Wholeness, by Nanci Shandera, PhD (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Alchemists put various base metals, such as lead, through a series of processes that refine them until they become gold. Sound impossible? It’s been done. My friend Dennis William Hauck, author of The Emerald Tablet, is a practicing ... Read More
  • Occupy Your Spirit
    Occupy Your Spirit, by Michelle DesPres (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) There have been periods throughout history in which humanity has shined. Eras known as the Golden Age, the Renaissance, and the Age of Enlightenment were times that expanded our perspective and forever altered our ideals of life and what it means to live. Humanity has once again reached another one of ... Read More
  • Spirit and Dream Animals
    Spirit and Dream Animals, by Richard Webster (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Many years ago, while doing some research in Hong Kong, I accidentally overheard two women talking about dream animals. I went into a café and sat down at a table next to an attractive Asian lady and her American friend. I wasn’t paying any attention to their conversation, until I suddenly ... Read More

  • Double Vision: Recurring Dream of Former Home
    I’ve had the same dream over and over. It’s about a house I used to live in. In my dream, I’m very happy to go back there but someone else has been living there. Now that I’m back, I don’t want anyone to know in case the authorities catch me and tell me to leave. Sometimes the house is warm and inviting but other times the house is dark, the windows are broken and ... Read More

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