• Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 25 through January 31, 2021
    January 25 through January 31, 2021 Warning, warning! Mercury will be turning retrograde on Saturday, but we’ll start to see the effects of it as early as Monday. If you haven’t done so already, back up your phones, computers and electronic devices, just to be safe! We may lean toward more spiritual and emotional stances with the Moon traveling through Cancer Monday through Wednesday, so don’t worry if you can’t seem to get much done. Just go with the flow and stay alert to any intuitive messages that come your way. Our energy will spark up again on Thursday as the Moon waxes full in fiery Leo. This is also known as a Wolf Moon, so if you feel like getting out there and howling at the Moon, now you know why! This Moon sets off a two week period of release, allowing us to let go of any old mindsets or imagined restrictions that are holding us back. With the Sun traveling through Aquarius now, that means thinking outside the box, changing your regular routine, and embracing innovative ... Read More
    Cathi Bew Kajama’s featured Psychic of the week is Cathi Bew. Looking for someone to provide you with the answers, insight, guidance and empowerment to successfully deal with and resolve all life issues? I am a second generation psychic who channels Spirit while working with my beautiful Tarot cards. This enables me to give voice to the answers and wisdom you seek whilst also empowering YOU ... Read More

  • The Bright Spot of Your Sun Sign
    The Bright Spot of Your Sun Sign, by Kristy Robinett (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) The twelve sun signs each have their own unique positive traits that helps to make them who they are. Often, we focus on the most complicated and annoying character traits, but knowing the positive characteristics is just as important for personal success and growth and assists in coping ... Read More
  • The Wonder of the Full Moon
    by Amy Seward La Luna, Snow Moon, Strawberry Moon, Harvest Moon. So many names for this powerful beautiful shining disc! The moon has such a strong pull on us and our lives, it affects the ways our oceans move, how plants grown and you have noticed… our mood! Connecting to the powerful phases of the moon can bring enlightenment to your life by way of the moon’s cycles, and movement compared to ... Read More
  • Glitter, Glass, and Flame: The Power of Candle Magic
    Glitter, Glass, and Flame: The Power of Candle Magic, by Katrina Rasbold (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Since the ancient Egyptians first pioneered wicked candles around 3000 BC by rolling papyrus and dipping it in beeswax or tallow to burn, the use of controlled flame has enchanted humankind. From Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, that dates to 165 BC, to our ... Read More

  • Double Vision: Psychic Feels Others’ Pain
    All my life I have known little things: I see places before I go there; I know when people are going to call; I feel when someone close to me dies right before it happens. I can find people and things better than most, for I sort of know where to look before I start. For example, my uncle was shot when I was little. Moments before my mom got the phone call, I heard a gunshot and woke up screaming ... Read More

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