• Weekly Astrological Forecast for September 16 through September 22, 2019
    September 16 through September 22, 2019 Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled programming… After last week’s free-for-all, we’ll get back down to the business at hand. Monday’s Aries Moon will have us all charged up and ready to go, sorting through whatever got left behind last week and making a new plan. Our most productive days will be Tuesday through Thursday as the Taurus Moon grounds and centers us. If there’s something you’ve been meaning to “get to” since July, now is the time you can address and complete it in record time. Reserve the weekend for fun and social activities, as the Gemini Moon will have us longing for the company of friends and family. Sunday’s Cancer Moon will encourage us to catch up on household chores, laundry, and general household obligations, so we’re ready for the Sun’s entry into Libra late Sunday night! We’ll welcome in a new season, autumn and harvest time in the northern hemisphere, and spring/rebirth time in the southern.... Read More

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    Raven Kajama’s featured Psychic of the week is medium Raven, who has been reading for more than 40 years. Between her natural abilities, beloved tarot cards, and a set of very outspoken spirit guides, she assists her clients with compassion and deep empathy. Her direct, to the point approach gets to the core of the issues at hand and delivers quick answers and proven techniques for climbing ... Read More

  • The Journey of Self-Discovery
    by Sherrie Dillard (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) You need you; there are no substitutes. From a young age we are often taught, in both subtle and overt ways, to compromise who we are and to replace our true thoughts and feelings with false masks. We do this because we want to be accepted, to fit in, and to be loved, and we fear that our true self may not be good enough. ... Read More
  • Stress, Anxiety, and the Ego
    by Atherton Drenth (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) Ah, the ego! That little voice that constantly talks to you in the back of your mind. The all-too-familiar, endless dialogue that taunts and teases you. It can be the withering sub-text of an argument or the moral boosting rant of how you are better than all that. Yet, at the end of the day, as you lie in bed tossing and ... Read More
  • How Strengthening My Spirituality Helped Me with My Cancer Diagnosis
    by Alexandra Chauran (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can consider me very aware, because I was diagnosed with Stage 3 metastatic breast cancer after getting a swollen lymph node checked out at the end of September last year. The next few days were a whirlwind of undergoing medical tests, delivering bad and incomplete news ... Read More

  • Double Vision: Is Departed Brother-in-Law Trying to Make Contact?
    My brother-in-law passed away in a tragic car accident. This morning at exactly four a.m., I woke up and opened my eyes and saw that my bedroom light was on. I live alone. (This light is a torch floor lamp; you have to turn the knob for it to turn on/off.) I felt like there was a presence in my room. I lay there for quite some time, unable to go back to sleep. Earlier in the evening, I was ... Read More

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