Weekly Astrological Forecast for September 25, 2017


September 25 through October 1, 2017

Things could get a little glitchy the first three days of the week as Pluto slows to a crawl and prepares to go direct on Thursday. Though a change in direction for this outermost planet can be subtle, after 5 months of backward motion, we could see breakthroughs come in at a moment’s notice. Luckily we’ll have a Sagittarius Moon on Monday and Tuesday, adding a lighter touch to our movements, thoughts and emotions. That will make it easier to weather any unexpected changes that come along. Wednesday is the best day to get things done, as the Capricorn Moon urges us to be more productive and grounded in all we do. We can prepare for some fun when Mercury moves into Libra on Friday, where it will spend the next three weeks evoking our charming and witty sides. In the sign of the scales, we’ll wax elegant, making us more persuasive and endearing to others. An Aquarius Moon rules the weekend, so make it a point to reconnect with friends, do things differently and take advantage of any spontaneous invitations or adventures that come your way!