Weekly Astrological Forecast for October 30, 2017


October 30 through November 5, 2017

Halloween could take on a quieter tone this year, astrologically at least! Planetary action is limited to the weekend, so in the meantime, enjoy a fun filled holiday and pleasant work week. Monday’s Pisces Moon will encourage us to join in the fun, donning masks and costumes or preparing halloween treats for the ghosts and goblins coming our way. Wednesday and Thursday it’s back to business under the Aries Moon, where everything hums along smoothly as the Moon prepares to was full in Taurus on Saturday. Because a full Moon is a great time to release the past, and it’s occurring in Taurus, consider getting into those closets, files and cabinets that need to be decluttered! Mercury moves into justice-oriented Sagittarius on Sunday, and will turn our attention to the matter of fairness in our worlds, both personally and globally. You may find yourself taking up a cause for those less fortunate or at the very least, examining your own behaviors to make sure you are acting in a fair and balanced manner.