Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 29, 2018


January 29 through February 4, 2018

Ready to experience major change on a personal level? This Wednesday’s Leo full Moon marks a major turning point in our lives, because not only is it another Super Moon, it’s a Blue Moon (second full Moon of the month) AND a total lunar eclipse! So in other words, the power this moon carries will be transformational on all levels. Eclipses typically occur in pairs, and this is the first one, with a partial Solar eclipse happening on Chinese New Year, February 16th. During the eclipse this Wednesday, the earth will move between the Sun and Moon, blocking out lunar rays. This marks a two week period when our personal traits and destinies, along with ego will come to the forefront and remind us that to be our best, we must be true to ourselves! On that same day, Mercury will move into Aquarius, encouraging us to “think different!” So use this week to evaluate where you stand, eliminate actions or thoughts that are not true to your inner soul and destiny, and to express yourself with confidence, truth and conviction!