Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 1, 2018


January 1 through January 7, 2018

Happy New Year! We’ll start 2018 with a Cancer full Moon on Monday, the first Super Moon of the year. A Super Moon is either a full or new Moon in close proximity to the earth, so we’ll be able to view this larger than average full Moon that marks the first day of 2018 as an illuminating force for the entire year! New insights, more focus on family, security and emotions will be a theme. On Tuesday, Uranus will resume forward motion, and as the planet of sudden change, we’ll all get a sense of the potentials this new year holds. The urge to move forward abruptly and eagerly will have to be tempered with common sense, and luckily, with a collection of planets now cruising through Capricorn, we should do just fine. The midweek Leo Moon will encourage us to take charge and put those new year resolutions into practice, while Friday and Saturday’s Virgo Moon will have us getting down to the details and planning of our futures. Sunday’s Libra Moon calls for a time of rebalancing, as in truth, the second week of January is when we can all embrace the new year and put our dreams into action.