Weekly Astrological Forecast for September 24, 2018

September 24 through September 30, 2018

The Aries Moon waxes full on Monday, and is designated as this year’s Harvest Moon because of its proximity to the equinox and seasonal change we experienced last Saturday. Full Moons often indicate a time of release, and this particular full Moon asks us to shed the outer skins of our lives that are holding us back. Whether it’s time to release a relationship, job or idealistic dream, we’ve got to clear a path for the future. It’s even more important that we bring things to a close this week because Pluto is preparing to return to direct motion on Sunday. After a 5-month retrograde cycle, the planet of karma and destiny is gearing up to bring great change into our lives, and we’ll need to be ready! This is an ideal week to journal, create and meditate to bring our inner thoughts and feelings to the surface.