Weekly Astrological Forecast for October 29, 2018

October 29 through November 4, 2018

We'll get a chance to lighten up this week, as we celebrate Halloween and practice the art of patience and forgiveness with all those around us. Monday and Tuesday's Cancer Moon casts a more gentle air around us, balancing out the intensity of last week. On Wednesday, Halloween, Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius, a light-hearted sign who's all about having fun, and, we should all follow its lead! Venus will also back-track into Libra on Wednesday, where it will remain until the beginning of December as it continues its backward cycle, giving us a second chance to right any wrongs and restore good feelings in our relationships. Enjoy the last week of extra light, as Daylight Savings time ends in the US on Sunday, November 4th. Even though it will start getting darker earlier on Sunday, we'll all get the chance to sleep in an extra hour under the balance-loving Libra Moon!