Weekly Astrological Forecast for November 9 through November 15, 2020

November 9 through November 15, 2020

Mars will turn direct on Friday after a two-month retrograde cycle, and we'll begin to feel forward movement once again. It's time to focus on our personal lives, and with the Moon in Virgo on Monday and Tuesday, we'll be able to get some details and make solid plans for future movement. A time of emotional balancing occurs on Wednesday and Thursday under the Libra Moon, followed by a spiritually karmic Moon in Scorpio over the weekend. What's done is done, what's been decided is decided, and we'll all want to go internal Friday and Saturday to regroup. A Scorpio new Moon occurs on Saturday, opening up a two-week cycle of new beginnings and fresh starts, primarily on a soul level. The things we've been learning about ourselves as the Sun has been traveling through Scorpio will now turn our focus to the future and doing things differently and with more freedom of movement and conviction of heart. Sunday's Sagittarius Moon will encourage a light-hearted day, so take things easy and have some fun!