Weekly Astrological Forecast for November 4 through November 10, 2019

November 4 through November 10, 2019

The week will start out with a bang as the Moon travels through unpredictable Aquarius, so we should stay alert and expect the unexpected. By Wednesday the energy cools and we’ll dive into our creative and spiritual sides as the Moon drifts through Pisces for a few days. Don’t worry if you wake up Friday morning to discover you haven’t gotten a single thing done, as the Moon will charge into Aries, combine energy with the intense Scorpio Sun and you’ll get caught up in no time! Plus, as the Moon hangs out in this action-oriented sign all weekend, we’ll be inspired to clear out clutter, take on new projects and enterprises, and start gearing up for the holidays. All in all, this week should flow smoothly, once the Aquarius Moon shifts our paths, which in the end, will be a good thing!