Weekly Astrological Forecast for November 23 through November 29, 2020

November 23 through November 29, 2020

The main astrological event on the agenda this week is Neptune turning direct on Saturday (after a 5-month retrograde cycle), and because it's a subtle aspect it could pass almost unnoticed! Even though Neptune is a karmic planet that tends to move in the background, it has a higher purpose to direct us spiritually, allowing us to connect with our higher selves as well as our magical powers. As it shifts direction, this is a wonderful time to explore our intuitive, psychic and mystical gifts. It may feel like we're running in circles as Venus moves into Scorpio on Monday, amplified by a Pisces Moon. Once the Moon moves into Aries on Tuesday, we'll have three days to gather our wits about us and prepare for Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend. We'll greet the traditional "Black Friday" under a Taurus Moon, which speaks well for finding great bargains or regrouping after over-doing it on Thursday. Our best bet this weekend is to focus on intellectual and social pursuits, as the Neptune shift on Saturday and the Gemini Moon on Sunday encourage the art of "thinking and dreaming big!"