Weekly Astrological Forecast for November 16 through November 22, 2020

November 16 through November 22, 2020

The Sun will complete its cycle through Scorpio this week, moving into Sagittarius on Saturday and kicking off the official start of the holiday season. The Moon travels through Sagittarius on Monday, then enters Capricorn on Tuesday, where it will remain until Thursday. This will create one of the most productive weeks we've had in a while, and since Thanksgiving is next week and the US and the holiday season will kick in right after that, this is the week to get work completed or at least advanced to a level where it feels manageable through the end of the year. The Aquarius Moon will take us into the weekend, urging us to prepare for the social activities ahead. If you're planning a big holiday dinner, double-check to make sure you've invited everyone you want there, and if you're aiming for a more quiet, peaceful and calorie-light day off, this is the time to set that into motion as well. Doing things differently is a theme of Aquarius, so if you're ready to start a new tradition or ignore tradition altogether, you can still work an attitude and sense of gratitude into your world. Venus will move into Scorpio on Saturday, adding to the spiritual tone of the weekend. And with the Moon moving into Pisces on Sunday, it will be easy to hear what your intuition is telling you; following it will take you exactly where you want to go!