Weekly Astrological Forecast for May 18 through May 24, 2020

May 18 through May 24, 2020

The Sun moves into Gemini this week, followed by a Gemini new Moon, which heralds a month-long cycle of thought-provoking fun and accelerated social activity. Our minds will move much quicker during this phase, and our inventive, fun and witty sides shine! The Moon travels through Aries on Monday and Tuesday, making for two action-packed days; now is the time to clear up from last week's astrological shifts and make great headway on work-related projects. Wednesday and Thursday shine for productivity under the Taurus Moon, and information we've been hunting for magically shows up when the Sun enters Gemini on Wednesday. Friday's Gemini Moon invites us to “think different” and expand our knowledge and research skills as we get access to the information highway and move full speed ahead connecting the dots and getting answers to the questions we've been searching for! The Moon continues through Gemini over the weekend, making this an ideal time to delve into our social media, update electronics and share information.