Weekly Astrological Forecast for March 11 – March 17, 2019

March 11 through March 17, 2019

Definitely time to take a breather after last week's chaos, but we'll start to see more clearly what the higher purpose is for us as things unfold. Monday could prove our most productive day of the week thanks to the stabilizing Taurus Moon, while the remainder of the week we'll be prone to more cerebral activities like socializing, research and catching up with the latest and news and social media under the Gemini Moon. Friday's Cancer Moon may have us huddled up all weekend, staying close to home and family, all quite appropriate as we near the close of the astrological year. This is a great time to regroup and spend more time focused on ourselves and our loved ones, as the speed of life will definitely start to pick up next week. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so don't make any serious decisions or commitments until it passes on the 28th of March!