Weekly Astrological Forecast for July 9, 2018


July 9 through July 15, 2018

It’s an astrological “musical chairs” week, starting with Venus’ entry into Virgo on Monday. Venus can be a perfectionist in this sign, so watch out for discontentment when it comes to love or money. As Venus travels this sign for the next few weeks, it’s a good idea to look at the bigger picture before making any decisions of a life-changing or permanent nature. Jupiter resumes forward motion on Tuesday, ending its 4-month retrograde period at last! This bodes well for considering the future and moving ahead on anything that stalled last March, and thanks to the retrograde, we’ll have more information and a stronger drive to get things accomplished. The Cancer new Moon/solar eclipse occurs on Thursday, another aspect that inspires new beginnings and a change in direction. For the next two week (until the second eclipse occurs) we can start putting our ideas down on paper and prepare to have them transformed over the coming six months. Self awareness and care is a theme this weekend, as the Leo Moon encourages us to look within to discover where our strengths can be capitalized on and our weaknesses transformed into valuable assets.