Weekly Astrological Forecast for July 6 through July 12, 2020


July 6 through July 12, 2020

Mercury will go direct this Sunday after three weeks of shifting our perceptions and interfering with our movement, though typically it takes a week to straighten out after it turns around, so we're not out of the woods yet! Misplaced cards or documents, electronic glitches, emails that aren't sent or received will be common, so let's continue to practice patience to see what the messages are behind Mercury's shenanigans! The Aquarius Moon could shift our movements on an hourly basis on Monday or Tuesday, so don't hang on to your plans when they go astray! The Pisces Moon will take center stage on Wednesday, moving us through the rest of the workweek in flowing and easy-going ways. Action is the theme over the weekend, as the Moon charges through Aries and energizes all our movements. There won't be much trouble on Sunday, as the day Mercury turns around and changes direction is usually fairly benign.