Weekly Astrological Forecast for January 13 through January 20, 2020

January 13 through January 20, 2020

Mercury and Venus change signs this week, shaping our thoughts and desires in wonderful ways. Venus enters Pisces on Monday, amping up our longing for more spiritual and soul-based connections, as well as inspiring our metaphysical side to life for the next few weeks. Accompanied by a Virgo Moon, our idealistic sides tend to take precedence until Wednesday when the Moon moves into the more balanced tones of Libra. Mercury dashes into Aquarius on Thursday, a sign which reminds us that “all things are possible!” We’ll cast aside limits and seek out the innovative, the unusual and the inventive! Researching new ways to meet our goals will be a theme for the next few weeks, as we ignore reality and explore new ideas and options. The Scorpio Moon makes for an easy-going weekend, allowing us to process and integrate all the new ideas and feelings that have evolved this week.