Weekly Astrological Forecast for February 10 through February 16, 2020

February 10 through February 16, 2020

Valentine’s Day is Friday the 14th, but will Mercury preparing to go retrograde on Sunday, we’ll have to tone down our expectations and embrace unconditional love over romantic love. The entire week could have an ethereal tone to it, starting with Monday and Tuesday’s Virgo Moon, which could through our emotions off balance as our idealistic sides emerge. Luckily Wednesday and Thursday’s Libra Moon will help us to reclaim our equilibrium, and remind us that relationships of all kinds should be nurtured and celebrated this week. The Moon will travel through Scorpio on Friday and Saturday, adding to any confusion we might encounter when people act out of character or don’t follow through with commitments. On an up note, Mars will move into the grounded sign of Capricorn on Sunday for a two-month visit, adding a base of stability and security to our lives as we prepare to enter into the undefined Pisces energies that will start to prevail next week.