Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 3 – 9, 2018

December 3 through December 9, 2018

This could feel like a "start-over" week, as Mercury will finally resume forward motion on Thursday (just in time for the holidays!) and we'll have a new Moon in Sagittarius the following day. This could promote some do-overs on your holiday list or have you streamlining due to budget limitations or just the fact that you've gone overboard! The week starts out with a balancing Libra Moon on Monday, but when it moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, our emotions will tend to overrule any practical thinking we're capable of! We'll feel a bit more centered when the new Moon occurs in Sagittarius on Friday, and thanks to a weekend Capricorn Moon, should be back on track before the week ends. The important thing is not to get too far ahead of ourselves this week, as we'll only have to change any plans we've made by next week. So pace yourself, sit on the fence if you feel indecisive, and wait for the "green light" from Spirit before proceeding!