Weekly Astrological Forecast for December 2 through December 8, 2019

December 2 through December 8, 2019

Jupiter makes its grand entrance into Capricorn on Monday, a sign that promises great change ahead for the next two years. Though the shifts could be subtle at first, Jupiter in Capricorn signals a return to stability, security, responsible action and justice for all. So with that in mind, important happenings could manifest during this cycle. Monday’s Aquarius Moon could make for a scattered day, so agreeing to follow the whims of the Universe will keep you from feeling frustrated or put-upon. Just trust that Spirit has a better plan, which may not make sense until later in the week. Things calm down under Tuesday and Wednesday’s Pisces Moon, calling for us to go internal and focus on spiritual matters and gratitude. When do we get our energy and drive back? That would be Thursday when the Moon moves into inspiring Sagittarius and urges us back on track. There’s plenty to do before the holidays kick in, and you may actually find Sunday to be your most productive day on a personal level as the Taurus Moon grounds and directs us forward.