Weekly Astrological Forecast for August 3 through August 9, 2020

August 3 through August 9, 2020

The week opens with an Aquarius full Moon (also known as a Sturgeon Moon), which could make for a tricky Monday! We'll need to practice flexibility and patience as this full Moon could change our direction at a moment's notice. The following day, Mercury will enter dramatic Leo, which could fill our heads with grandiose ideas! Entertain them, but get more information before you act! A Pisces Moon rules the heavens on Wednesday and Thursday, providing a more spiritually based and quiet few days. Venus will move into Cancer on Friday, where it will ride the soothing and intuitive wave of this sign for the next month. Love of home, family, and self will take precedence during this cycle. The weekend unfolds under an Aries Moon, filling us with energetic and creative energies, so let's get out there and have some fun!