Weekly Astrological Forecast for August 28, 2017


August 28 through September 3, 2017

It’s clear sailing this week, which is a relief after all the activity of last week’s solar eclipse! Monday’s Scorpio Moon will put us in a reflective mood, so if we have work that needs to be done on the physical level, it’s okay to put that off till later in the week. Tuesday and Wednesday’s Sagittarius Moon will put us in a playful mood, lightening the heaviness of the last few weeks. Once the Moon marches into Capricorn on Thursday, we’ll get busy playing catchup, as a lot of things have gone unattended the last week or so. Just keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde, so watch out for technical problems or miscommunication. On an up note, this is a great time to go back and try some new ways to problem solve or resolve troublesome situations from a different angle. Practice “being different” when the Moon moves into Aquarius on Sunday. Let your unique take on the world (and on yourself) shine brightly!