Weekly Astrological Forecast for April 16, 2018


April 16 through April 22, 2018

One thing is for certain this week, if you’re ready for some grounding and stability, the Sun will do just that when it enters Taurus late in the day on Thursday. Aries energy is always great for bringing out our creative sides and getting things going after a long winter’s nap, but I think we’re all ready for some more balanced and easy going movement.  We’ll have two outer planets turning retrograde this week, and though the effects are much more subtle than a Mercury retrograde, for example, these planets will remain in backward motion for the next 5 months, creating long term transformation and change. Saturn turns retrograde on Tuesday, generating a sense that red tape and boundaries will be easier to get beyond for the next few months, while Pluto turns retrograde on Sunday. Pluto is more a generational planet with social influence, so we may not feel the effects personally. However, we should see some changes on a global level, where the karmic nature of this planet will go back and see about righting a few wrongs and restoring spiritual balance over the next five months. To celebrate the Sun’s entry into Taurus, focus on beautifying your life, taking things easier and taking time to congratulate yourself and others for the major accomplishments they’ve completed over the last four months!