Mystical Matters: Deciphering Vague Feelings of Anxiety

anxietyDear Kajama:

I often get this vague sense of uneasiness, like something bad is going to happen but I don’t know what. Eventually (when something bad does happen), then I know why I felt that way. Sometimes it’s something that happens to me, sometimes it happens to someone I love, and sometimes I see something on the news and realize that’s what it was. So my question is, when I get this feeling of uneasiness, how can I figure out what my intuition is trying to tell me instead of having to wait for something bad to actually happen?

Dear M.:
Before I go into the overtly psychic aspects of what you’ve been experiencing, it’s important to address the possibility that you may be experiencing what is commonly known as generalized anxiety disorder, which is characterized by feeling anxious without being able to pinpoint why. According to a recent World Health Organization study, 31 percent of Americans are likely to suffer from an anxiety problem at some point during their lifetimes (!), which means that at this moment, MILLIONS of Americans are feeling a vague sense of uneasiness. Sadly, it is becoming normal to feel uneasy and like something bad is going to happen, which is really complicating our ability to hear our intuition clearly. As we collectively steep in this cauldron of anxiety, we may wrongly assume that we’re feeling anxious because our intuition is trying to warn us about something specific.

I’m not saying that we don’t get intuitive warnings; I’m the first person to celebrate our intuition as an invaluable and highly under-utilized asset. That being said, we must remain mindful that if we are anxious much of the time and looking for reasons why, and those reasons are actually vague, impersonal and pervasive, then we run the risk of creating connections that don’t actually exist. If something bad doesn’t happen to us, then we will hone in on something that happens to a friend or some stranger in the news. Given that the news is full of horrible stories every day, if we’re looking for a reason why we feel anxious, we have only to turn on the TV to find plenty. Basically, modern life is giving us endless reasons to constantly feel a vague sense of uneasiness.

On top of all of this, feeling anxious in and of itself can lead to negative experiences. Given that our overall vibration, beliefs and expectations influence what we notice, experience, and manifest in our lives, if we are anxious and constantly looking for why we feel that way or for what may be about to go wrong, we may get stuck in a negative loop where we feel bad, look for reasons why we feel bad, discover/create those reasons (whether they are the real reasons or not), and do this over and over and over again. The more we look for bad things to happen, the more bad things may indeed happen.

Frequently feeling vaguely anxious is NOT a sign that your intuition talking to you, but rather a sign that your intuition is being clouded by an unnatural, heightened sense of anxiety. In order to hear our inner guidance clearly, we must be in a calm, centered state of mind and being, and to do that, we have to learn how to disconnect from the ever more anxious world around us. We achieve this state of calm equilibrium through spiritual practice. I promise you that if you undertake a daily meditation practice, you will find yourself feeling more and more serene, more clear within, and better able to hear what you inner guidance is trying to tell you. If you are calm and content 99.5 percent of the time, then your intuition will be able to get your attention when it really has something important to tell you.

You didn’t mention that you also pick up on positive feelings which are then followed by positive events, which is another reason I suspect you’re dealing with general anxiety, or soaking up the anxiety in the atmosphere around you. Many people who are highly psychic who haven’t refined their abilities are constantly, unconsciously tuning in to a negative psychic channel and picking up on negative psychic information. With practice and development, you can learn how to tune your psychic dial to a more positive station.

There is a whole spectrum of psychic information we can tap into. Some psychics are tuning in to really dark stuff, like finding kidnap victims and serial killers. Others are highly attuned to predicting practical aspects of the immediate future, while still others are soul healers who are adept at looking at the big spiritual picture – the lessons being learned through various experiences, and the soul’s plan for each lifetime. In between there are an endless number of stations with different types of psychic information on them, just like there are radio stations that play heavy metal music, rap, classical, country and jazz. What many people don’t realize is that we determine which psychic station we will tune into based on our own energy/vibration. If we’re not doing this skillfully and consciously, then we will tend to tune in to whatever station is playing around us at the moment. (As I mentioned, millions of Americans are super anxious these days, so if you’re not consciously tuning in to the station you want, you will frequently pick up anxiety-inducing signals.)

If we are anxious, fearful, angry or depressed, then we will tend to have negative psychic experiences. If we are peaceful, faithful, loving and happy, then we will tend to tune into and pick up on positive psychic information. This means that if you’re often feeling anxious and receiving valid negative psychic information, you’re tuning in to a negative psychic station. The information you receive can be very accurate while at the same time disturbing, unhelpful and unwanted. To tune into a higher and more helpful station, you must first FEEL peaceful and empowered, and be focused on the positive. This will naturally empower you to tune in to a station that matches your higher vibration. The higher your vibration, the higher the source of psychic information you’ll tune into.

So what to do when these vague feelings of uneasiness come over you? The first thing to do is stop and check your own vibration. Ask yourself what’s going on around you and what you’ve been soaking up and tuning into in terms of input. Have you been interacting with someone who may be anxious? Have you been listening to worrisome stories from others or on the news? Are you in a crowded place full of people, many of whom are no doubt feeling anxious whether they are overtly showing that or not? This check-in will help you get more conscious of why you feel the way you do. If you realize that you may be simply picking up on external anxiety, then you can begin to consciously set your own tone. You can find some tips on how to do this in this former column: How Can We Maintain Positive Thinking to Manifest Blessings? It will also greatly help you to study energy healing, for that will give you conscious control over your own energy/vibration.

If, in this state of heightened awareness, you still feel like your intuition is trying to tell you something, then it’s even more important to shift out of uneasiness and into a higher, more relaxed and peaceful state. Stop whatever you are doing so you can really tune in. You can’t feel anxious and hear clearly at the same time, which is what makes this all so tricky. You must be coming from a place of knowing that everything happens for a good reason in order to get clear guidance. Shifting into a more relaxed and peaceful state of being will only be easy for you if you are regularly practicing meditation, though there are some great tools in Kajama’s Spiritual Toolbox that can help you with this, such as Ask Your Intuition.

Once you’re feeling peaceful and centered, simply ask for more information, and allow impressions to come to you. These may come in the form of mental images, mental words, feelings in your body, flashes of insight, etc. They may also come to you later, in the form of signs and messages outside of yourself, in your dreams later that night, or in sudden realizations when you’re doing some mindless task. The more you practice with this, the easier it will be for you to stop whenever your intuition nudges you and get more information.

In order to cultivate more positive psychic experiences in the future, you might begin by developing the habit of giving thanks for all your experiences, and looking for the good in them. Be especially grateful for experiences in which your intuition was helpful to you. Make a habit of looking for the good in all people, situations and experiences. Work with and exercise your intuition regularly, and do so in positive ways. Ask positive questions of your intuition; don’t wait for feelings of warning, for that will keep you programmed to go right to that negative station every time you turn your intuition on.

To program your intuition to a positive station, every day, you may meditate and ask your inner guidance questions like:

  • What good things are coming my way?
  • Who will be thinking of me with love today?
  • How can I best be of service to others today?
  • What do I need to know, do or understand in order to make my world a better place?
  • What opportunities are in the process of coming together for me?
  • Who can I most uplift with words and acts of kindness today?
  • What should I focus on now to create the most joy and well-being in my life?

Finally, I recommend you undertake a course of psychic and spiritual development in general. As the world gets louder, faster, and more anxious, it takes more and more conscious effort for those of us who are super-sensitive to filter out all of that anxiety and negativity, and to tune in to a higher and more helpful source of guidance. This takes a lot of conscious focus and effort, but the rewards of greater peace and clearer intuition are immeasurable.

Naturally, general psychic development will greatly help you to understand what your intuition is trying to tell you. If you develop a clear, strong relationship with your higher self and your spirit guides, then whenever you’re not sure what you’re picking up on, you will be able to simply ASK within and get clear answers. You can also make something of a deal with the Universe, and ask that you only receive intuitive messages when it will be helpful for you to do so. Many people are psychic sponges: they pick up on every ripple in the psychic atmosphere, on warnings of danger for themselves, the people around them, the fly on the windowsill, etc. Through general psychic development, you can learn to refine your abilities, to turn them on and off at will, and to filter your impressions so that you only receive input that will prove truly beneficial to you.

Kajama 🙂

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