Mystical Matters: A Spiritual Approach to Healing Anxiety

Dear Kajama:
I think you might be able to help me. I suffer from anxiety and OCD. It comes out in various ways. At the moment, it’s mainly about the fear of loss of a loved one, in particular my partner. I am constantly worried for his safety and have chronic, obsessive thoughts about this. I used to have extreme low self-esteem and was single for over four years. (I believe this was a subconscious decision to avoid closeness.) This aspect started to change when I met my partner, and now my anxiety is focused on this extreme fear of loss. I’m anxious daily about this and about letting others down. I am a Spiritualist and have undergone hypnosis before. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot from it, for ironically, I felt very anxious about trying to relax! I have been wondering if my fears are stemming from a past life, as there is nothing I can recall from my present life that would explain them. I would be extremely grateful for any help you can give me. Thank you!

Dear Heather:
Losing someone we love is one of the most traumatic experiences any of us ever go through. As we have all been through that very same traumatic experience many times in past lives, there is a lot of old pain and energy for all of us to process, heal and release surrounding the experience of losing someone to death. The good news is that you are asking for help with this right now because you’re ready for new healing.

How we feel emotionally is rooted in what is happening on a metaphysical level. Obsessively thinking fearful thoughts almost always involves a Catch-22, which is why it is a difficult pattern to change. OCD, anxiety, and spirit attachment go hand in hand. When we succumb to fearful thoughts, whether they arise from past life experiences, something we saw on the news, or beliefs we absorbed from the people around us, we align with a certain vibration. It is based on this vibration that we attract the experiences, people, and metaphysical entities that end up influencing our personal reality. While I know this sounds like a bad Hollywood movie, it is nevertheless true: There are negative entities that both feed on the energy of our fear and do all they can do to keep it coming. They can read our subconscious to tap into what we fear the most, and they will plant thoughts in our minds (and in our dreams) designed to get the most intensely fearful reaction possible.

I would not believe all of this was true had I not gone through it myself decades ago. When I was a young and very depressed and fearful new mother, I too suffered from OCD. I would repeatedly see an arrow piercing my eye or mentally see myself throwing my baby off of the balcony or something terrible happening to him. Naturally, I wondered what was wrong with me that I could think such things. My psychic abilities were also rapidly developing at this time, which is probably true of you as well: in order for negative entities to evoke a reaction in us by planting thoughts in our minds, we have to be capable of telepathically receiving those thoughts. It is thus very normal to experience this form of psychic attack during a psychic/spiritual awakening, for when our psychic senses first turn on, we don’t yet have conscious control of them. Eventually my psychic abilities developed to the point where I realized that these obsessive thoughts felt different from my own thoughts: they seemed to come from OUTSIDE of me, and they didn’t feel like my own. It’s a subtle distinction, but it led to a very empowering realization, for that’s when I knew I had to step up and take control of my own thoughts and feelings so as to no longer be vulnerable to this sort of psychic attack.

We are all constantly picking up on outside psychic input. We don’t want to stop doing this, for some of our most brilliant insights and inspirations come to us in this way – they just come from a higher and more helpful source than the frightening pictures and thoughts you are describing. Since we all attract our experiences from the inside out, there has to be something within us to put us in harmony with particular outside influences. In your case, I feel your instincts are spot on: you carry a deep fear of losing someone you love (and letting others down) from a past life. Even when nothing in your outer experience is occurring that directly relates to these fears, they are so alive in your energy field that you are constantly radiating fear and thus attracting entities that want to keep you thinking those fearful thoughts.

I hope you’re paying attention, because I’m about to relay something radical and important: All of this is a GOOD thing. When painful thoughts and feelings keep coming up for us, it’s so that we can face them, deal with them, heal and release them. Spiritual healing is a natural, organic process. Whatever keeps coming up boldly in our experience and having a huge impact on us is exactly what we are meant to tackle next. Further, consciously dealing with it is what will prove most beneficial to us at that time. While this process may be painful, many of us only get motivated to summon the strength and courage to heal our lives when we can’t take the pain anymore.

You are in the process of being taught how important it is to take control of your own thoughts and set your own energetic tone. There are lots of ways for you to move forward now that you’re good and motivated. Anxiety is all about what we are telling ourselves in our minds, so the best thing you can do is begin to train your mind to promote feelings of peace and well-being. This is where spiritual practice will be your best friend. Through spiritual practice, you can shift from passively allowing thoughts to run through your mind to choosing the thoughts you think. Though this may sound too simple to be powerful, I know that this works because I’ve seen it help the chronically anxious time and time again, and also because I’ve walked this path myself and permanently left behind a negative pattern of experience nearly identical to your own.

Your first step is to begin to practice meditation. Through meditative practice, you will develop a calm inner observer. As this is a part of you that steps outside of your experience and observes yourself as from the outside, meditation will enable you to calmly observe yourself when you’re anxious. It will also empower you to recognize when a thought is your own and when it is coming from an outside entity or influence. It is very empowering to recognize when a negative thought is not your own, for then you can consciously reject that thought by affirming, This is NOT mine. I choose to think positive, empowering thoughts. This is a key tool in becoming invulnerable to psychic attack. By training your mind, you will also develop the ability to control of your own thoughts when they start steering you down anxious highways, and redirect them toward peaceful country roads.

If you’re totally new to meditative practice, you might begin with guided meditation. Hypnotherapy recordings designed to heal anxiety would be a great place to start. Eventually, you will want to progress to mindfulness meditation in order to develop your inner observer. (Here’s a great little article on the basics of mindfulness meditation.) Another practice that will help you with all of this is yoga. Yoga will guide you in learning how to calmly surrender to and move through physical and emotional discomfort. Yoga practice will help you train your mind to stay present to what is real in the moment instead of racing forward to imagined fears about the future, and it will help you work out all the kinetic tension you’re carrying in your whole being. During times of rapid inner change, yoga is great for keeping our energy flowing so we don’t get stuck in fear and resistance. Being relaxed and at peace in your body will help you to feel relaxed and at peace on a mental and emotional level. It will also empower you to go into a deep state of meditation. (Anyone who has trouble meditating would be wise to try practicing yoga before sitting; I know of no one who struggles to go into a very deep state of relaxation while in final pose/Savasana.)

Next, read daily about the law of attraction. This will impress upon both your conscious and subconscious mind how important it is for you to take control of your own thought process. These books also tend to be very positive and uplifting, which will help to shift your vibration. It would also be very helpful for you to study teachings on the nature of the afterlife. Reading about near-death experiences is very powerful in this regard; you might begin at and see where you are led from there. It is also helpful to read reincarnation research about how love ones keep reincarnating in the same families, and to explore life between life research. The more we read material like this, the more it really sinks in that love is eternal, that there is a benevolent higher plan at work, and that we will always eventually be reunited with those we love who have left this world.

When you have taken the reins by embracing spiritual practice and deepening your spiritual knowledge as outlined above, you will be ready to find a healer/therapist you feel really comfortable with who can help you to face, heal and release whatever is at the roots of your specific fearful thoughts and feelings. This will most likely be a hypnotherapist who specializes in anxiety and past life work. This person should know how to deal with your fear of letting go of your anxiety, and be adept at easing you into the healing process. Ask Spirit to guide you to the right therapist for you, and watch for Spirit’s answer in the form of signs, messages, synchronicities and intuitions. Though you had a hard time being hypnotized before, this time will be different, for you will have prepared yourself for this healing work through your spiritual practices and studies.

If this all sounds like a lot of work, you’re right: It takes a tremendous amount of conscious effort to train our minds, and a great deal of courage to heal and release old pain and trauma, but the reward of being able to set our own tone and manifest what we want in our lives is absolutely worth it. To launch yourself toward positive change, set a strong, clear intention to heal yourself right now. Make a bold and firm decision to shift your relationship to fear, to refuse to allow it to continue to mar your happiness and well-being. When you set that clear intention and you shine it out with all of your being, the Universe will respond by guiding you to whatever you need to know or do next in order to move forward and fulfill it. Your job then is to watch for signs, messages and synchronicities, and act on the intuitive impulses that come to you with trust that you will be guided in all sorts of amazing ways to the inner peace you are longing for.

Kajama 🙂

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