Kajama Digest for the Week of September 30, 2013

[title size=”2″]Astrological Outlook[/title]

oopsAs Mercury moves deeper into Scorpio this week, we should all be on alert and carefully watching what we say. Some things to watch out for now include revealing secrets, sarcasm, criticism and abrupt statements, for Mercury has a way of prompting us to speak before we think! Other than that, things should run pretty smoothly through Thursday, for we’ll be moving under the grounding influence of Leo and Virgo Moons. On Friday, we should all make a heartfelt wish under the lovely Libra new Moon. Matters of the heart will be foremost on our minds now, so whether we’re eager to kiss and make up or still on the hunt for a soul mate, we can use this manifesting new Moon to order up bigger and better love in our lives. This weekend could be a bit chaotic, so we’ll have to practice extra caution, especially in regards to money matters and how we move through the world. Indulgent energies will run rampant now, so if we’re not mindful, we could spend way too much time shopping on the internet or partying until dawn. If we overdo it on Saturday, we’ll have to spend Sunday worrying about how to pay the bills or nursing a nasty hangover, and that’s no way to end an otherwise delightful weekend!

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[title size=”2″]Featured Articles[/title]

knockingSpirit is Knocking

by Shelly O’Connell

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and presume that you are reading this article because some weird things have been taking place in your life recently. Maybe you have started dreaming and those dreams are coming true. Perhaps you have begun to see things such as colors around people, plants or animals. It could be that you hear someone calling your name but every time you look around for the identity of the person calling you, there is no one there. ”


palmistryHealing Takes Many Forms

by Shelly O’Connell

“I want to take a closer look at what healing is, or what we think it is. Often we believe that healing means cured. Specifically, that the physical body is healed, cured, made well again. That does happen. I have seen it occur in traditional medicine and with alternative medicine or healing. But what about the times that the body is not made well? In order to better understand when this happens, we must shift our perspective on healing. ”


buriedaliveGetting Out of the Grave

by Shelly O’Connell

“A handful of dirt tossed on the coffin, that’s the image that has prompted this reflection. It started me thinking. For some time in the not too distant past, I was living in the grave. I didn’t quite know it, of course, but looking back, I see that is where I was: buried under mounds of dirt, barely breathing and constricted in my ability to move. That is, until I started digging my way out.”

[title size=”2″]Advice Columns[/title]

anxietyIn this week’s Mystical Matters, Deciphering Vague Feelings of Anxiety, Kajama explores the common experience of feeling like something bad is going to happen, but being unable to pinpoint exactly what our intuition is trying to tell us.



childabuseIn Double Vision’s, Where Were Her Guardian Angels During Her Abusive Childhood?, Susyn and Oceania answer a woman who has had a number of experiences that have led her to believe we all have guardian angels watching over us, who can’t understand where they were when she was being abused as a child.



trustintuitionIn this Double Vision column, How Do We Learn to Trust Our Intuition? our columnists explore the common experience of doubting our intuition or wondering if it’s all ‘just in our heads,’ and they offer advice on how to get more information from our inner guidance.




KajamaThe Amazing Story Contest is a great way to win a FREE psychic reading.  To read this week’s winning story and perhaps enter your own in our contest, visit The Amazing Story Contest.