Kajama Digest for the Week of April 29, 2013


[title size=”2″]Astrological Outlook[/title]

zodiac100sharpThe main thing to keep in mind this week is that we’re midway between two eclipses, and while this will stir up lots of stop and go energy, the planets are helping us to prepare for a change in focus and direction for the next six months. We’ll be highly industrious on Monday, and will be able to make a surprising amount of progress. Tuesday could have us reeling in doubt as things fall apart on us, but only if we forget that all of this is designed to shift our thinking to align with a broader perspective. Wednesday will bring new breakthroughs, which will remind us that things are not always as they seem. On Thursday, our thinking will stabilize, which will promote great ideas and wise action, while Friday will bring more sudden shifts that force us to stand back and wait again. This weekend is a good time to relax and try to remain neutral and objective while we let the heavens work their magic. Our goals for this weekend should be to focus within, allow our hearts to lead the way, and get realigned spiritually. As this week will bring all sorts of chaos, we’ll have to remain faithful and flexible and guard against stubborness and anger in order to emerge from it unscathed. For more information on how all of this energy will affect you personally, check out your astrological options below:

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[title size=”2″]Featured Articles[/title]

Astrological Predictions of Death: Simple Grace

by Elizabeth Spring

“Astrologers proclaim that it is completely unethical to predict death, and the idea of desiring death for another is unacceptable for everyone. Yet during the past few months, I had clearly seen the astrological significators for death in my mother’s chart, particularly as it was reflected in my chart…Jupiter, the planet of release, is usually implicated, especially in a case like this, where I was the caregiver.”


The Saturn Returns

by Elizabeth Spring

“The Saturn Returns are marked by these kinds of personal milestones. We move, marry, divorce, go back to school, have a baby, leave a job or pick up on an old dream we’ve forgotten about. We do something different. The navigational tools are twofold: we must take a chance now, and we must give it all we can. When we are willing to do that, we will be rewarded.”


Bitterness: The Silent Disease

by Elizabeth Spring

“As a psychotherapist and astrological counselor, I often look at what I call the family karmic inheritance. This is the legacy of inherited sins and blessings that get handed down the generations, and I believe it’s responsible for more psychic distress than we realize…Once you know the nature of the inheritance, you can look at it how it’s showing up in your life.”

[title size=”2″]Advice Columns[/title]
  • In this week’s Mystical Matters, A Spiritual Approach to Healing Anxiety, Kajama advises a woman who is obsessed with the possibility of her partner dying, and is pretty sure that her fear is rooted in past life experiences.


  • In this Double Vision column from the archives, Dreams of Flying, our advice columnists explore the very common experience of dreaming that you are really able to fly.

[title size=”2″]Inspirational Messages[/title]

Here’s Mondays’ inspirational message. You can find the whole collection and a new one every day here: Daily Inspirational Messages.


contemplatingthesurfIf you want to get more out of life, you must lose your inclination for monotonous security and adopt a helter-skelter style of life that will at first appear to you to be crazy. But once you become accustomed to such a life you will see its full meaning and its incredible beauty.
– Jon Krakauer

Lately, life has been trying to take good care of me by dragging me out of my comfort zone and thrusting me naked and shivering into all sorts of exciting/unnerving new situations. Decades ago, I might have labeled the past few months stressful or scary or #$%! crazy, but since then, I’ve learned that when life sends huge waves our way, we have a choice: we can fight them and feel like we’re at risk of drowning, or we can grab our boards, race out into them, and learn to surf. Our course of experience is largely a match to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs: when we adopt a spirit of adventure, all sorts of amazing and wonderful changes rush into our lives.