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Horoscopes Astrology Psychics. Kajama.com is proud to feature the most gifted Psychics on the internet. Our team of intuitive counselors are credentialed, accurate, and here to address your concerns. Visit every day, where you'll always find something new to inspire you at Kajama.com! Visit every day, where you'll always find something new to inspire you at Kajama.com!

  • Weekly Astrological Forecast for February 20, 2017


    February 20 through February 26, 2017

    We’ve got two astrological events this week that could cause trouble, generating some fairly assertive thoughts and actions. Luckily, these both come over the weekend, so let’s take advantage of the first four days of the week to get important matters settled and complete any jobs that are hanging over our heads. Monday’s Sagittarius Moon is ideal for restoring balance and formulating a detailed plan for the week, while Tuesday and Wednesday’s Capricorn Moon will inspire productiveness and progress. It’s “game over” by Thursday, when the Aquarius Moon will lead us into a karmic cycle where Spirit will be running the show and directing all our movements. Mercury will take a nose dive into Pisces on Saturday, blurring our thoughts and adding confusion and indecision to the mix for the next four weeks. It’s not a great idea to make any decisions or operate with a closed mind during this period, as things are rarely what they seem. The very next day, on Sunday, we’ll be operating under the influence of the second eclipse of the month, a Pisces new Moon/solar ...

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  • Listen to Your Body – Make Wise Decisions


    by Darlene Pitts

    Your intuition helps you make wise decisions through intuitive feelings and sensations that rock your body without external stimuli. Whether you consider buying or selling a home, establishing or closing a business, continuing or changing a career, or starting or ending a relationship, notice how your body intuitively feels when you decide for or against an issue.

    You can intuitively feel high energy, peace or relief after making wise decisions. Your heart sings. Smooth breaths reveal optimal choices. I contemplated relocating from Virginia and buying a home in Georgia. I intuitively felt peace shower my body and made plans to move from my apartment. Despite a job firing and moving accident, I landed a telecommuting job and bought a beautiful home in a historic area. My injury healed, and social and business opportunities increased.

    You can intuitively feel low energy, resistance or dizziness after making unwise decisions. Your heart sighs. Uneven breaths reflect poor choices. I reviewed a listing of local doctors and arranged an appointment with one located thirty minutes from my home. I intuitively felt resistance in my body and realized why ...

  • 4 Intuition Responses that Impact Your Life


    by Darlene Pitts

    Each day, your intuition communicates multiple intuitive messages to you. These quiet or loud messages provide divine guidance and protection for different areas of your life. For example, you receive career or calling messages in various ways. You may get a hunch that now’s the time to ask for a pay raise. You may hear a school bell sound as a sign that it’s time to improve your job skills. You may be moved by an inspirational song in order to realize your higher purpose.

    You also receive health messages in various ways. You may have a sudden knowing that you need to take a break from household chores to ease your stress. You may get a funny taste in your mouth as a sign to drink more water and eliminate dehydration. You may experience a warning dream to reduce your salt intake and thus lower your blood pressure.

    We all get messages designed to keep us safe when traveling as well. We may get a sudden impulse to slow down while driving to avoid a speeding ticket. We might have a sudden ...

  • Intuitive Memories Tap Your Consciousness


    by Darlene Pitts

    Your intuition communicates memories to grab your attention regarding someone or something. Memories are recollections of the past experienced as an observer or a participant. Like a supercomputer, your intuition retrieves remembered, forgotten, and suppressed memories from your soul’s archives and delivers them as intuitive messages to help you now.

    Whether your memories delight, inspire, sadden or haunt you, you should pay attention when they suddenly pop into your awareness. Ask the question: Why am I remembering that now? When a significant event occurs in your present life, the past may return with fresh insights. For example, you may have a memory of watching a movie from the 1970s and realize that the movie dramatizes a remedy for your health issue. You may realize that a memory of a business opportunity that you overlooked six months ago is trying to tell you that the business opportunity before you is a great second chance. You may remember a job you had some years ago, and when you ask why you’re thinking about it, intuitively hear your inner voice say, Accepting this new job will bring ...

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  • Double Vision: Is Unborn Baby the Father’s Departed Mother?


    I’ve been in a very troubling relationship for the past five years. When I met my lover, he was married but separated from his wife, and in the process of getting a divorce. Since they divorced, his ex has used their three boys to try to win him back. For example, he is only allowed to see his kids if he does things with her. A few years into our relationship, we had a son together, and our son is now one year old. He left me when I was three weeks pregnant, and has come and gone from our relationship a number of times. Recently I learned that I am pregnant again, which is incredible, since I had to have all sorts of fertility treatments to get pregnant the first time. Before I learned I was pregnant this time, I went to visit his mother’s grave. (His mother was murdered by his father when my lover was just two years old). I sat at her grave and cried and prayed for her to help my relationship with her son, both for my sake and for the sake of her ...

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