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Horoscopes Astrology Psychics. Kajama.com is proud to feature the most gifted Psychics on the internet. Our team of intuitive counselors are credentialed, accurate, and here to address your concerns. Visit every day, where you'll always find something new to inspire you at Kajama.com! Visit every day, where you'll always find something new to inspire you at Kajama.com!

  • Weekly Astrological Forecast for March 19, 2018

    March 19 through March 25, 2018

    Welcome to Spring (Autumn in the southern hemisphere) and the first day of the Astrological New Year! The Sun take the spotlight in Aries on Tuesday, moving us out of the shadows and into the light this week. It’s time to shake off the dust (a spring cleaning pun) and get moving once again. Even with a solid start under the Aries and Taurus Moons, Mercury is preparing to go retrograde on Thursday, so keep an eye on valuables, especially money, your computer and conversations! You may want to start the week out backing up your phones and computers and all electronics before the fun begins! Take care with anything you send out in ...

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    embracing the rain

    “Remember anyone can love you when the sun is shining. In the storms is where you learn who truly cares for you.”

    As most of us know through experience this is very true. We’ve all had people in our lives who are happy to make themselves available to party with us or join us in carefree pursuits etc. It’s when we reach out during the troubling, worrisome times, that we scrabble around in vain to find them. They don’t want to be involved in providing a sympathetic ear, monetary assistance, physical aid, etc. etc., so distance themselves until our own personal “storm” has passed. Then, and only then, do they take the time to seek us out in order to reconnect and get the party started up again. If we have any sense at all we’ll have noticed their absence and their retreat into the background and, you know what, wouldn’t it make sense and feel good just to leave them there?

    Daily Inspirational Quote Written by CathiBew.co.uk

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  • Spring! Digging in the Dirt


    by Dorothy Morrison

    (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

    I always look forward to Spring; in fact, it never arrives quickly enough to suit me. After the long, cold Winter, I can hardly wait to throw open the windows, breathe fresh air, and ...

  • Put the “Om” Back Into Your Home

    5a.magic incense

    by Tisha Morris

    (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

    Holistic living is becoming more mainstream as nutrition, preventive and alternative medicine, and conscious living are simply a way of life. Holistic implies being whole or taking into account the whole picture—our physical, ...

  • Making Your Home a Magical Tool


    by Tess Whitehurst

    (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

    Whether you live in a dorm room, a mansion, a houseboat, a studio apartment, a trailer, or anything else, your home is a potent magical tool. Even small changes in your home can create ...

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  • Double Vision: Paralyzing Fear and Precognitive Dreams


    I have always believed that we choose our lives before we come to earth in order to learn what we need to learn. It’s one of the ways I make sense of seemingly pointless acts of violence against people, and how I can understand why some people experience such hardship during their lifetimes. What I can’t understand is why or how animals would choose to live on earth and be so cruelly treated at times. Do you believe that animals make the choice to incarnate as we do? What are your spiritual beliefs about the role of animals here on earth and in the afterlife? Thanks for your insights into this subject.



    As you may know, I am a huge believer in the wisdom and power of animals both on the physical plane and in spiritual realms. At times, I learn from animals more easily than I learn from other humans.

    Each animal has a specific trait that we can learn and adopt by observing and studying the animal itself. We do not have to have an actual live animal in our presence to ...

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