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Horoscopes Astrology Psychics. Kajama.com is proud to feature the most gifted Psychics on the internet. Our team of intuitive counselors are credentialed, accurate, and here to address your concerns. Visit every day, where you'll always find something new to inspire you at Kajama.com! Visit every day, where you'll always find something new to inspire you at Kajama.com!

  • Weekly Astrological Forecast for November 13, 2017


    November 13 through November 19, 2017

    The highlight of this week is Saturday’s Scorpio new Moon, which typically bodes well for new beginnings. Though we are closer to the end of the year and it may seem fruitless to start something new, this particular new Moon is full of karmic energy and potential, so there really is no need to put off until tomorrow what you’re ready to do today! As the first celebration of the holiday season draws near (Thanksgiving is next week in the U. S.) we’ll turn our attention to the upcoming social and family events that are sure to come our way. In fact, Monday’s Virgo Moon is the perfect time to start making lists and getting organized. Though we may not act on any of the items for another few weeks, just having things down on paper will give us a sense of purpose and security. Tuesday and Wednesday’s Libra Moon is a call for balance, making midweek an ideal time to do a quick check on your health and finances to make sure both are in order before the holidays kick off. We can ...

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  • Inspirational Quote for November 18, 2017


    “Your best teacher is your last mistake.”

    Of course it is, we all know that don’t we? That’s why it’s essential to ensure that we do learn from each and every one of the mistakes we all make and will make as we journey through life. There is always a lesson to be gained. Hopefully, the lesson we need to be learn will be an easy, straightforward, painless one. On the other hand, we may not be so fortunate and will find the learning process painful, frustrating and difficult. However, there will always be something for us in the experience, you can count on it.

    Daily Inspirational Quote Written by CathiBew.co.uk

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  • Manifest Your Glamour, Manifest Your Personal Truth


    by Deborah Castellano

    (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

    Inherently, I don’t like meditation because I feel like it’s one long exercise of someone else telling me what to do. The second you tell me to close my eyes and make that mandatory and not optional, you’ve lost me.

    Needless to say, this has been problematic in my budding yoga practice. It is one of many problems with my budding yoga practice. Almost everyone in my classes looks like a sexy, yoga-toned sex kitten who effortlessly flows from one movement to another. I spend a lot of time in class wondering why non-waifs don’t do yoga. I also spend a lot of time in class wondering if I will ever be able to do half the movements being done, as my boobs impede my entire life. Every time I say this, it’s like a revelation, so I’ll say it again. If you are above a DD cup, everything is not awesome. Everything is not awesome at all. First, try spending less than $80 a bra if you are not in the Lane Bryant ...

  • Using Incense for Meditation


    by Ember Grant

    (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

    Meditation helps train the mind to focus and achieve clarity, while promoting relaxation and fostering a spiritual connection. There are many ways to practice meditation, including guided exercises and special breathing techniques, but part of the experience often includes the burning of incense. We know it’s a common practice to burn incense for ceremonies, rituals, and meditation—but which ingredients are the best to use to promote this meditative state?

    Some practitioners don’t recommend burning incense during meditation but instead beforehand in order to prepare the room. Sometimes the smoke can be distracting and interfere with breathing. If you do decide to burn it while meditating, be sure the room is well-ventilated or that the smoke isn’t drifting directly into your face. Burning certain herbs, woods, and resins purifies the air and many of these ingredients contain medicinal properties as well. But most of all, scent can induce a calming state of mind, sought by more than just mystics and monks. Today, more than ever, people need respite from the stress and calamity of their hectic ...

  • 16 Aroma-Energetic Wellness Tips

    beautiful woman in poppy field

    by Margaret Ann Lembo

    (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

    We all strive for more health, happiness, and hope in our lives. This enhanced well-being can be as simple as integrating any number of aroma-energetic practices into your life; these practices combine the powerful effects of aromatherapy and energy for a more powerful result. Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones; and the new Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing, provides 16 aroma-energetic wellness tips to integrate into your life.

    1. Use positive affirmations daily.
      Everything is energy. All energy vibrates. Thoughts are energy. Therefore, everything we think about—every day, all day long—is energy. That energy in the form of thoughts broadcasts intentions and desires. Think about it–what thoughts are rolling around in your consciousness? Take the time to be mindful of what you are thinking, and change those thoughts to reflect what you DO want instead of what you don’t want. Pair the thought with a gemstone or an essential oil to help you maintain ...
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  • Double Vision: Was this Dream Creature Real?


    My 12-year-old daughter has been having “dreams” that I think may be actual encounters with some sort of astral entity. In the dreams, she says that a “freaky looking” creature that resembles a fat baby with big black holes for eyes is harassing her. It doesn’t “walk” – it zooms around and can travel through walls. For the most part, it just pokes at her and seems to get a kick out of getting a reaction out of her. In the first dream, after it poked her she poked it back, and it started laughing, like it was playing a game with her. She says it’s like an evil little toddler. When she runs away, it chases her and moves through walls to poke her again. She wakes up panicked and really freaked out. I told her that whatever it is, it seems to want to provoke a reaction, so to get rid of it, she should try to ignore it. She said she can’t control what she does in dreams, so she doesn’t know how THAT will help. I am wondering if maybe this creature is something real in the ...

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