Weekly Astrological Forecast for October 9, 2017


October 9 through October 15, 2017

Two planets make a sign change this week, alerting us to the areas in our life where expansion and love reign supreme. The Moon cruises through Gemini the first two days of the week, making this the best time for writing, communication and socializing. On Tuesday Jupiter will move into the sign of Scorpio and encourage us to expand our understanding and spirituality on a deeper level for the next two years. To back that up, Wednesday and Thursday’s Cancer Moon will also call for us to go deeper, examining our relationship to the world and others on an emotional level. If you’re on the outs with someone or feel a relationship is out of balance, this is a great week to make things right. Venus will move into Libra, the sign it rules, on Saturday, adding another level to the relationship work we are doing now. Romance, art and inter-relatedness will take top priority in our lives over the next five weeks. The week finishes out with a Virgo Moon, so really, if you need to get paperwork done or attend some heavy duty computer work, Sunday is the ideal time to sit down and get it sorted!