Weekly Astrological Forecast for July 17, 2017


July 17 through July 23, 2017

We’ll definitely see a shift in pace after the easy-going energy of the last two weeks, as the sign of Leo starts to take center stage. Beginning on Thursday when Mars moves into the fiery sign of the Lion for a six-week visit, our desire to move and start taking action will double, if not triple! The Sun follows suit on Saturday when it makes its annual entry into Leo and sets up housekeeping in this dynamic sign for the next four weeks. Twenty-four hours later, we’ll have a new Moon in Leo, spurring new beginnings and a rebirth cycle. With all the fiery energy coming in this week, we’ll need to check our egos at frequent intervals to make sure our decisions are generating from the heart and not pride! Let’s all be careful out there on Monday, as a Mars/Uranus aspect could make for accidents in its rush to move us forward. One of the primary things we’ll want to focus on this week is setting new boundaries to keep this sudden surge of Leo energy from moving us in the wrong direction. Translation? Think of it this way; once a tiny baby becomes mobile and starts crawling/walking/exploring, it’s time to get out the safety plugs and door handle latches, move breakables to a higher level and monitor movement at all times. So yeah, it’s like that!