• PGS: Personal Guidance System



    by Joanna Pinney Buell

    We arrived at our destination without a GPS or directions from Google. We’d been there once before. I recalled the way was simple and straightforward. I knew we had a map in the car from our previous trip and I had directions on how to get to the cottage. The directions were unclear in places, yet still we arrived at our destination without difficulty. How did we ever do it without the aid of a GPS? We used our PGS, our Personal Guidance System.

    If Columbus sailed to what became the Americas in 1492 relying on the stars, a sextant and a very limited map of the world, how is that our society has become so totally dependent on GPS in such a short time? Granted, Columbus did not arrive at his consciously intended destination; he arrived where his Personal Guidance System was directing him to.

    I do understand the attraction of a shiny, new technology for many people, and I know that for people with short-term memory loss, GPS is a real godsend. What I don’t understand is how people ...

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