• Listen to Your Body – Make Wise Decisions


    by Darlene Pitts

    Your intuition helps you make wise decisions through intuitive feelings and sensations that rock your body without external stimuli. Whether you consider buying or selling a home, establishing or closing a business, continuing or changing a career, or starting or ending a relationship, notice how your body intuitively feels when you decide for or against an issue.

    You can intuitively feel high energy, peace or relief after making wise decisions. Your heart sings. Smooth breaths reveal optimal choices. I contemplated relocating from Virginia and buying a home in Georgia. I intuitively felt peace shower my body and made plans to move from my apartment. Despite a job firing and moving accident, I landed a telecommuting job and bought a beautiful home in a historic area. My injury healed, and social and business opportunities increased.

    You can intuitively feel low energy, resistance or dizziness after making unwise decisions. Your heart sighs. Uneven breaths reflect poor choices. I reviewed a listing of local doctors and arranged an appointment with one located thirty minutes from my home. I intuitively felt resistance in my body and realized why ...

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