• Procrastination: Genius in Disguise?



    An excerpt from Get It Done
    by Sam Bennett

    Have you ever noticed that procrastination causes you pain? It hurts your heart, it hurts your self-esteem, it hurts your relationships, it hurts your career, and it hurts your income. And just as a pain in your body alerts you to something that needs healing, the psychic pain of procrastination can serve as an important wake-up call. That is why I call procrastination genius in disguise.

    If procrastination didn’t hurt, then you could put stuff off and then just la-di-da around all carefree and happy. But that’s not the way it works — when you put off your projects, they become a weight on your mind and your heart.
    So why is that genius?

    Because the pain caused by procrastination reminds you that your projects are important to you. Procrastination is your friend, tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Hey, remember that idea you had? Remember how much you cared about it?” And pretty soon that voice is not just gently urging — it’s nagging. Loudly.

    So now you have a ...

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