• Reiki: An Unconditional Love



    by Raven Keyes

    (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

    I’m blessed to have spent the whole of my career as a Reiki master in venues one might label “the establishment,” such as operating rooms with renowned New York surgeons, and even standing next to Dr. Oz. My book, The Healing Power of Reiki, chronicles some of my personal stories about what it’s been like to bring Reiki into the mainstream. In it I describe giving sessions in the locker room of the New York Giants and behind the barricades of Ground Zero after September 11th, but there’s one important story that didn’t make it into the book. It was still in the process of unfolding when my final manuscript reached its turn-in date, and though I couldn’t have imagined it at the time, the tale even now continues to unfold. What you are about to read has taken place over the whole of this year, a journey of hope, courage, strength, and love. With my heart wide open, I share with you the amazing tale of My Reiki Valentine.

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