• Double Vision: Was this Dream Creature Real?


    My 12-year-old daughter has been having “dreams” that I think may be actual encounters with some sort of astral entity. In the dreams, she says that a “freaky looking” creature that resembles a fat baby with big black holes for eyes is harassing her. It doesn’t “walk” – it zooms around and can travel through walls. For the most part, it just pokes at her and seems to get a kick out of getting a reaction out of her. In the first dream, after it poked her she poked it back, and it started laughing, like it was playing a game with her. She says it’s like an evil little toddler. When she runs away, it chases her and moves through walls to poke her again. She wakes up panicked and really freaked out. I told her that whatever it is, it seems to want to provoke a reaction, so to get rid of it, she should try to ignore it. She said she can’t control what she does in dreams, so she doesn’t know how THAT will help. I am wondering if maybe this creature is something real in the astral. Any thoughts?

    – Robyn


    Not everything in this world or on the Otherside is beautiful or even pleasant to look at. In fact, some things are just downright ugly. That includes spirit guides, ghosts, entities of all kinds (like this little blob thing) and even some angels.

    Just like some humans are not attractive, some Otherworldly beings can be downright hideous. Just because something is ugly or scary looking does not automatically make it evil. We should have learned that lesson from the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I believe it is human nature to equate ugly with evil, and frightening in appearance with negativity.

    This dream being is a real entity on the Otherside, and it is simply playing with your daughter. When she poked it, it laughed, and now they play a game together – or so the being thinks. Just like lots of other annoying young creatures, sometimes it does not know when to stop, or when enough is enough.

    Your daughter can simply say STOP in her dream to this being, and the being will stop. Your daughter thinks she is powerless on the Otherside, but she is not. She can implant the thought or command to say STOP in her own mind while she is awake, and then she will “remember” it while she is asleep.

    Another thing that you may want to tell her is that she has guides, angels, and all kinds of beings on the Otherside who are there to help her. They will hop to her every command (providing she is not asking them to harm or hurt someone).

    So before she goes to bed at night, she can ask for the spiritual beings around her to please help ...

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