• Double Vision: Is Unborn Baby the Father’s Departed Mother?


    I’ve been in a very troubling relationship for the past five years. When I met my lover, he was married but separated from his wife, and in the process of getting a divorce. Since they divorced, his ex has used their three boys to try to win him back. For example, he is only allowed to see his kids if he does things with her. A few years into our relationship, we had a son together, and our son is now one year old. He left me when I was three weeks pregnant, and has come and gone from our relationship a number of times. Recently I learned that I am pregnant again, which is incredible, since I had to have all sorts of fertility treatments to get pregnant the first time. Before I learned I was pregnant this time, I went to visit his mother’s grave. (His mother was murdered by his father when my lover was just two years old). I sat at her grave and cried and prayed for her to help my relationship with her son, both for my sake and for the sake of her grandson. I asked for a sign of what I should do – if I should let him go or keep trying to work things out. Just over a month later, I learned that I was pregnant again, and had conceived around the time I visited her grave. A psychic told me that this child needs to be born, that it is someone who did not fulfill their life’s purpose. Do you believe this is possible? If so, could the spirit of this child be his mother, whose life ended in such a tragic way? I look forward to hearing from you. Mahalo and Aloha!



    While the psychic was correct, this child is not your lover’s mother reincarnated. I will go into that more in a minute so that you fully understand.

    Our souls pick lessons that we need to learn. Then our souls pick the lifetimes, geographic regions and most importantly, the people that we need to live with. I know this is hard to fathom for those who have had really horrible lives full of abuse, neglect and hardly any love, but not every lifetime is pretty, and not every lifetime is full of love and prosperity.

    To every day, there is also a night. To have good and prosperous lifetimes, we must also go through more challenging lifetimes. Our souls learn much in both kinds of experiences.

    Both of my kids were birth control pill babies who CHOSE to come here. Souls choose their paths and then things just happen. The child that you are asking about is proof of this. This child needed your DNA and your lover’s DNA. This child chose you as parents, and to be born into this particular situation to learn certain soul lessons.

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