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    I have always believed that we choose our lives before we come to earth in order to learn what we need to learn. It’s one of the ways I make sense of seemingly pointless acts of violence against people, and how I can understand why some people experience such hardship during their lifetimes. What I can’t understand is why or how animals would choose to live on earth and be so cruelly treated at times. Do you believe that animals make the choice to incarnate as we do? What are your spiritual beliefs about the role of animals here on earth and in the afterlife? Thanks for your insights into this subject.



    As you may know, I am a huge believer in the wisdom and power of animals both on the physical plane and in spiritual realms. At times, I learn from animals more easily than I learn from other humans.

    Each animal has a specific trait that we can learn and adopt by observing and studying the animal itself. We do not have to have an actual live animal in our presence to learn from that animal, however – we can also read about the animal in books or on the internet.

    Animals are also here on earth to just be our companions. To learn about loyalty and unconditional love, for example, someone could adopt a stray dog. Befriending a dog is probably the best way on earth to learn about those particular traits.

    To learn about planning and providing for the future, one can watch a squirrel. Observe, for example, how the squirrel puts his stash in all kinds of different places – he does not just put it in one place. My Daddy always told me that the way to wealth was through diversification of income, which is something the squirrel seems to understand instinctively.

    Animals also provide us with food and clothing at times. I think this is where most of your question comes into play. I too have often wondered why some animals are born just to be killed in order to provide for our needs.

    Every soul has a unique path and lessons that need learning. Each soul will pick its own best way to learn a particular lesson, then it will plan an incarnation by finding a family, location, time, etc., that will best suit its needs.

    Animals usually have very short life spans compared to humans. It seems to me that by incarnating as an animal, one might be able to very quickly learn some lessons or repay some karma. (I personally think that every animal chosen as a pet by a kid is here for a big lesson, as they will be sorely neglected.)

    I believe there are times that certain animals choose to be with certain people. I am sure that my little black cat chose my son. ...

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