• Double Vision: Are Men and Women Different on a Spiritual/Soul Level?

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    Do you think that at a spiritual level, men and women are fundamentally different? I’m asking because it seems true to me. I’ve found that I can usually communicate with women at a much deeper level than with men. When I have been able to really communicate with men, they do seem to be very different at their core. I recently read somewhere that women are in general more spiritually evolved than men; that as we evolve, we naturally incarnate more as women because of our energy/vibration, and because it takes a higher vibration to bring a child through from Spirit into this world. This “evolutionary model” would explain why women are generally more sensitive and intuitive, and also peace-loving. What do you think of this notion? I’m not asking to bash men, but rather because in these modern times, we’re force fed the idea that men and women deep down are the same, but they don’t “feel” the same to me – they feel fundamentally different. Maybe men and women have so much trouble understanding each other because at a deep level, we’re really not the same? Thanks for all you do!

    – Linda


    I do not think men and woman are fundamentally different on a soul level. I think we are souls stuck inside of human bodies, and those bodies come with heads full of “logic” and raging hormones and a whole host of other mortal things. As a result, we are bound by our humanity in many ways.

    I have told so many clients what I am about to say, so if you have heard it already, skip over this part or just let your eyes glaze over for a while. Women tend to be emotionally driven. We get turned on by what we feel emotionally. We can turn off our bodies and our physical needs, but we cannot turn off our “hearts.”

    Men, on the other hand, tend to be physically driven. Men are turned on by what they see, touch, taste, smell, feel, etc. They can turn off their emotions, but they cannot turn off their bodies. These are not spiritual differences but physical differences that arise from our roles in procreation.

    This is the reason why women appear to develop much deeper bonds with other women, and why we feel our friendships are different from the way men are friends. Despite all of this, I’m here to tell you that men can be just as open, caring, sharing, giving and receiving as women.

    Throughout my life I have been blessed to have all kinds of people for friends. I have friends who work for the president of the United States and I have friends who went to prison and all sorts of friends in between. I can get just as “deep” with the men as I can the women once the men trust me enough ...

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