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somewherelseDear Kajama:

What is all of this I hear about getting grounded? It sounds like getting in trouble to me, like when I was growing up and my parents told me that I couldn’t go anywhere for a certain period of time. Several times in recent weeks, different people have told me that I need to get grounded. What’s it all about, and how do I do it? My birth date: 6/2/69
– Katie

Dear Katie:

Thanks for a great question. While I’m no astrologer, I had to smile at your birth date, for a good friend of mine is also a Gemini, and she has a lot of trouble getting and staying grounded as well. You twins are constantly doing two things at once, flying here and there, and you’re air signs to boot. We air signs (Geminis, Libras and Aquarians) tend to live in our heads. While all the other signs also struggle to stay grounded sometimes, it can be particularly challenging for air signs.

Getting grounded just means being fully present in our body. When are we NOT in our bodies? When we’re miles away because we’re day dreaming, we’re not fully in our bodies. When we’re asleep and dreaming (and astral traveling), we’re not fully in our bodies. When we’re off in our heads or immersed in thoughts about the past, the future, or someone at a distance, we’re not fully in our bodies. When we’re not fully in our bodies, we’re not grounded, which can making safely navigating the physical plane really challenging.

I have many times seen people aurically begin to slip out. For folks who can see auras, this looks like a shadowy etheric outline of that person beginning to drift to the side. A silhouette of sorts may emerge from one side or the other or from the top of the head. It can also look like a blob of energy that sort of oozes out but never separates from the physical body. If you ponder the English language, you’ll see lots of phrases that reflect our (more or less subconscious) awareness that this sort of thing is happening all the time. We say that people are out of it, not with it, out to lunch, spaced out and not all there. We say we need to get our wits about us and come back down to earth.

There are many times when getting grounded is actually not desirable, and being out there may be beneficial in these situations. During spiritual ritual work, it’s common to energetically soar above the physical. This is why grounding work is traditionally incorporated at the end of such practices. When I’m doing reading work, I’m in an altered state of consciousness and definitely not grounded. This is just part of the process of achieving a super high vibration. The physical body is vibrationally the slowest/ densest aspect of our beings. If we can energetically leave it behind, it will be easier to achieve a higher vibration in the aspect of our beings we’re consciously using at that moment.

Please don’t confuse what I’m describing with full astral projection. When people say that they had an out of body experience, what they mean is that their consciousness left the building. No one is suggesting that you’re completely out of the body – just that your consciousness is not fully rooted in it.

While drifting may be good for spiritual work, not being grounded in our everyday lives tends to pose some problems. Some signs that you’re not grounded include losing/misplacing things frequently, bumping into stuff or tripping, feeling dreamy or disconnected, making silly mistakes, cutting or injuring yourself while working at some task, waking up to what’s happening around you while driving or making driving blunders, suddenly realizing that you don’t know what a speaker has been talking about, etc.

Basically, whether you’re a teenager in trouble or an adult who is stumbling through life, it’s good to be in control of whether you’re grounded or not!

To get grounded, you need to get literally down to earth. How often do we do this these days? How often do you walk around with dirt under your fingernails and between your toes because you’ve been communing with Mother Earth? A basic grounding ritual in Wiccan circles is to simply lie down with your belly on the ground, or to sit in a yogic child’s pose, which means you’re on your knees with your arms stretched out on the ground ahead of you, your rear end back down between your heels, and your forehead on the ground. Feel yourself getting totally present right where you are. You can drain off excess energy into the earth, and consciously establish a strong sense of rootedness. Simply breathe and pay attention to your body, the feeling of the ground, your breath as it moves in and out, your muscles, your bones, your undeniable physicality.

Less formal methods for grounding include simply slowing down. (This is not easy for a Gemini, I know, but one reason you may be ungrounded is because you’re always flying through life.) Just stop what you’re doing and tell yourself that you can accomplish everything you need to get done without racing. Put sticky notes up, tie a string around your finger or create some other form of reminder to take things slowly. Think of it this way: we lift ourselves energetically right off the ground when we start flying around.

You can also use reminders to become more aware of your body at regular intervals throughout the day, or whenever you notice signs that you’re not grounded. Clasp your hands together tightly and squeeze. Bite your thumb. Slap your cheeks. Squeeze the muscles in your arms and legs. Smack the bottoms of your feet. Beat on your chest like Tarzan. (That one is sure to snap you back into your body!) The more startled you are by these feelings, the more you can bet you were out of it prior to getting back down to earth.

You can also just do something physical like work in your garden, shovel the driveway, clean out your drawers or closets, scrub your floors, mow the lawn, chop wood, cook a healthy meal or bake bread, etc. If what you choose is too repetitive, however, you may find yourself drifting off again. Playing tennis would be much more grounding than taking a walk, for example, because you have to think consciously about what you’re doing all the while. Lifting weights is another good choice.

If wanted to raise your vibration instead of getting more grounded, you’d eat really light, high vibration foods like fruits and vegetables. (Or you might fast, which can really send you soaring). It follows then that to get grounded, you should eat heavier, earthier foods like nuts, cheese or dairy, bread, potatoes and meat, if you’re not a vegetarian.

In telling you that you need to get grounded, your friends and/or the Universe is basically telling you to get out of your head and back into your body. You must seem to be out of it much of the time. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with this, except that it can make living here in reality a bit more difficult than it has to be. In fact, everyone on a conscious spiritual path is dealing with this issue either consciously or subconsciously, because as we evolve, we naturally rise in vibration, and instead of having to stretch to get out of the body, we have to make more and more of an effort to stay grounded.

If you begin to pay as much attention to your physical needs and habits as your non-physical needs, you should be quite comfortable both here in the physical world AND in the subtler planes interpenetrating this one, such as that mental plane you probably spend most of your time in!

Kajama hearticontiny

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