Exit Points

hotairballoonby Echo Bodine

When I give lectures on dying and life after death, people often ask if the timing of our death is written in stone. The answer is: sometimes. Our astrological charts include what are called exit points. These are important times when our soul can choose to be done with this lifetime. I would guess that many of you reading this have experienced the signs of being at an exit point:

  • You feel like you’re dying.
  • You have death dreams.
  • You feel an inner nudge to get your affairs in order.
  • You sleep more than usual.
  • You feel a desire to get rid of material belongings.

During exit points, the soul is taking an inventory of what it has accomplished so far and is trying to decide, with the help of the Elders on the other side, if it should continue on until the next exit point or if it wants to be done now. This is kind of like graduating from high school and choosing whether or not to go on to college. Do we want to be done with our learning or go on for more and continue our life?

The process usually lasts anywhere from three days to several months, and it can be a very intense time. A wide range of emotions and memories that need healing come to the surface. Exit points are pivotal because if our soul chooses to be done, circumstances need to be set up by the universe for death to occur.

When I was twenty-nine years old, I had a complete hysterectomy. When I woke up from surgery, my dear friend and astrologer Ginny Miller was sitting at the end of my bed and was relieved that I woke up. She ran out to tell the nurses that I was awake, and several nurses quickly came into my room to check on me. One nurse told me that I’d had them all pretty concerned, and I asked her why. She said that today was Saturday and this was the first time I had woken up since my surgery on Tuesday. I asked her why I hadn’t woken up before this, and she said they weren’t sure and maybe I was given too much anesthesia.

When the nurse left the room Ginny told me that I was at a major exit point in my chart and she had been quite worried that I was going to die. My soul obviously had decided to continue to live, but that must have been quite an interesting session on the other side with the Elders for me to have been gone that long! I had no memory of anything that happened during the five days I was gone. Since that time I’ve been aware of three other exit points in my chart, and obviously my soul continues to choose life.

Not everyone has several exit points. Some people have just one, and in that case the time of their death is written in stone. If an exit point is more about taking an inventory, the soul usually chooses to stay. When one of my closest friends discovered she had breast cancer, I checked in on her soul and saw that she was at an exit point and needed a lot of coaxing to stay here. Her soul was tired and was feeling as if my friend wasn’t doing all that she had hoped to accomplish. She felt stuck in her work and couldn’t see any other options. But the universe was being very wise in shaking her up to help her see that she did want to continue to live. She had few problems with the chemotherapy and recovered very well. Her work has expanded in ways she didn’t think were possible, and she’s grateful for all she learned through the cancer experience.

Exit points can definitely be thought of as wake-up calls for the soul.

Echo Bodine is the bestselling author of Echoes of the Soul, The Gift, A Still, Small Voice, and most recently, What Happens When We Die. She is a renowned spiritual healer, psychic, and teacher who lectures widely on intuition, spiritual healing, and life after death. She also has a monthly radio show and popular blog. Visit her online at echobodine.com.
Excerpted from the book What Happens When We Die ©2013 by Echo Bodine. Published with permission of New World Library.