Double Vision: Taking Psychic Ability from Dreams into Waking Life



Dear Kajama:

I often have premonitions and see spirits in my dreams. How can I do this while awake?



Sam, I can sense beings around me, but I cannot see them with my physical eyes. I have, on occasion, seen spirits in human form, but I know that I was supposed to see that particular being at that time. We all can see flashes of light, orbs, or black shadows out of the corners of our eyes. When we turn our heads, whatever was there is not anymore. We also get feelings from different places. When we walk into a building, we can feel the energy of that building. Some places make us feel cozy and some repel us. We can feel that VERY same thing from the beings around us. We can get a cold chill, a feeling of doom, a sense of happiness, or any other emotion. It will just hit us out of the blue, and it can last a while or be gone in a flash. So those are a few examples of encounters that we all have on a daily basis.

All this being said, I am not sure you are supposed to be seeing beings with your own physical eyes, or you would be right now. You can, however, build your psychic ability like you build any other gift. A great musician is not born great. The musician must learn to play the instrument and practice for many hours. The practice must be kept up, or the abilities of that musician will get rusty.

You build your gifts the same way. You have to find what calls out to you and then learn to use that for yourself. For example, when I first opened up to my gifts, I had no idea where to start. I went to a bookstore and looked at tarot cards. I would read the box and feel the energy from the deck until I found one that felt right to me. I took them home and I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea what anything meant, and there was so much to learn. I just took it one step at a time.

Spirit will work with you when you find what works for you. It will feel right and you will grow at a pretty fast rate. What calls out to you? Tarot cards? Runes? I-Ching? There are so many oracles out there that can help you build your abilities. Find the one that works for you.

I want you to keep a dream journal as well. I keep hearing the name Edgar Cayce in my head. He would go to sleep or into a trance, and he would “dream” his visions and predictions of the future. He did not do it while he was awake – ever. Keep your journal and write down your dreams to see how accurate they are.

This reminds me of tall girls who want to be short and short girls who want to be tall. We never want what we have. Try to make peace with your gifts and use them to best of your ability.

I wish you expanding horizons!


Fire Signs have to do some kind of meditation exercise every night before sleep to be able to access that kind of information in their dreams at all. Water Signs let things like that flow through their dreams naturally, on almost a nightly basis. Earth Signs often tell me that they are “too grounded” to experience premonitions while sleeping, and Air Signs often have trouble remembering their dreams at all. Getting premonitions and messages in dreams is common among those of us who, for whatever reason, don’t want to be that “open” to things like that while we’re awake. It’s not impossible, however, to transfer this ability to your waking life.

The best way for any sign to start is to keep a Dream Journal! Begin to write in it on the night of the next Full Moon. Even ordinary dreams should go into it. Keep a notebook and pencil or pen handy by your bed, and write down everything you remember about all your dreams for 90 days. Now you have a resource for insights and clues for when you’re awake. Tools are vital when doing spiritual work, and writing and record-keeping is one of the most important!

After you’ve kept this Dream Journal for three months, put it away. Start a new one, but don’t go back to the first one for at least one Moon. At the end of that time, get another notebook and start by reading your journal like it’s a novel or storybook. Go back over it again.

Make lists of the “signs” and “symbols” that happen over and over as you go through your information. Several things that happen either right before, during, or after you get one of your “messages” should begin to emerge as a pattern to you. Find five of these repeating patterns. List them on a piece of paper and keep it close for reference.

Soon you’ll start to notice that these “signs” are appearing to you while you’re asleep and awake. Begin to tune in during the waking hours to what’s really going on with this! It won’t take but a few weeks before you’re seeing other “waking signs” and finding patterns in those, too! Keep a little memo book to jot those down in as they manifest.

As you develop your Energy (and learn how to access it to actually “see” what’s going on), you’ll realize that you’ve always had this ability, but that your subconscious is probably in that “protective” mode so that you won’t be thrown off by “seeing” while you’re awake. Be careful! Sometimes these things rush in at their own speed. Normal daily stuff like driving can become hazardous!

Take things slowly, and don’t rush yourself!

Good luck!

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