Double Vision: Is Her Third Eye Getting Stronger?

thirdeyeDear Kajama, I have been going to a weekly class where crystal bowls are being played. Last week, my third eye felt so powerful! I could see vivid dark green and deep purple and blue, with a small white pin light above my right eye. I talked about what I saw during our session, and the teacher smiled and said I was going to work miracles. A few hours after the class, I could still see a tiny white pin light above and to the right in my field of vision. I loved the feeling this left me with, and will be going back for more. What do you think I saw, and where should I take this? What does it mean? ~ Bess

Dreamchaser: Bess, thanks for this great question. Okay, the best place to start here is with a basic chakra lesson for those who need it. The word chakra means disk or wheel. As this wheel spins, energy is sent out from our spinal column. There are seven chakra points in our bodies. These are our power points or our life force points. The energy from our bodies is contained in these points. When something stressful or traumatic happens to us, we block up the chakra associated with that issue. Then we become unbalanced. The three colors you spoke of are associated with chakras in the body. Green is associated with the heart chakra, which is, of course, the place where love lives in our bodies. This chakra is located in the actual heart area of the body. The purple chakra is the seventh chakra at the top (or crown) of the head. This is the chakra of consciousness and enlightenment. The blue chakra is the sixth one, and is located in the middle of the forehead, the area of the third eye. The other four are: First chakra – red – base of spine – related to issues of family, the physical body and survival Second chakra – orange – genital/ abdominal area – related to issues of sexuality, pleasure and emotion Third chakra – yellow – solar plexus – related to issues of personal power and self-esteem Fifth chakra – bright blue – throat – related to issues of communication and sound Sound is often used as a chakra cleanser or clearer. The sound coming off of the crystal bowls struck these three chakras of yours. You basically cleaned them out and opened them up. Imagine a really dirty window that no light can come through. One day someone cleans the window, and all this light can come in the room. Imagine how DIFFERENT everything would look and feel. That is a really simplistic example of the difference between clogged chakras and clean ones. The light that you refer to, as corny as this sounds, is ENLIGHTENMENT. It is there to remind you that you are a Lightworker, and you can see and hear things from Spirit. You are here to “use your powers for good.” You will get used to the light being there. Where you go from here is a JOURNEY. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. First step: learn to live wholly in the NOW. Also, please look up chakra cleansing on the Internet. Find out how to do it at home for free. If we can keep our chakras clear and clean, we can stay balanced. There REALLY is something to this, people. Learn about it! You really will be fascinated. I wish you balance and serenity.
Astrea: My dear friend Don Sanders has a wonderful song about what you’re experiencing. It’s very tongue in cheek. It’s called, “Open my Third Eye, Mama, I want to be Enlightened Tonight!” You’ve found how to do that in your class! You are sincerely in tune with your psychic self in those moments! This doesn’t come from LUCK, but from hard work in meditation. You truly may be able to work miracles! Whatever this means to you personally is something you and your teacher are going to have to work out as time goes on. Obviously, your chakras respond readily to sound. People are usually audio, visual or tactile. You probably fall into the audio/visual category, since the SOUND lets you SEE. If you take the time to examine WHY you were drawn to those bowls, those sounds, you will discover that your Guides had a hand or two in this process! We all react differently to stimuli in our environments. Some things make us itch, some things make our eyes water, and some things open our chakras. You’ve found what works for you. Don’t LOSE IT! Find a way to stay in touch with it as much as you can. Your teacher can give you homework to do when you’re not in one of those sessions. Insist on it. “Strike while the iron is hot” is a good axiom here. To keep our chakras open requires at least two hours a day of time where you won’t be distracted by worldly stimuli such as a telephone ringing, a television blaring, or a dog barking. You’re going to have to get up earlier and go to bed later for a while, so that you can find two separate quiet times every single day. I find early morning to be the best time for opening my Third Eye, but that might not be the right time of day for you. My personal process is to get up an hour before sunrise and slowly let the “LIGHT” come into my person. Then, as the Sun sets, I try to find a quiet place to allow the Light to “drain” so that I am not all hopped up when I try to go to sleep. Even if you can’t make this a daily process, you’ll eventually find the path that helps you to stay open. Once a person has had that “OPEN THIRD EYE,” it’s very difficult to be back in the “World” all the time! You do have to be careful with this new ability. As lovely as it may be, I’m assuming that you’re still very involved in Real Life. This means you have to prepare meals and go to work and drive a car! It can be quite disconcerting to be driving along a winding road and have your Third Eye suddenly open. Learning to control your chakras is just as important to you now as getting them open was!

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