Double Vision Advice: Connecting with Spirit of One’s Departed Pet

DVSpirit_Cat_by_NilessaMy beloved cat Margarita died of cancer a year ago. We had to put her to sleep, staying with her until the last minute. It broke my heart to do this but she was suffering and in very bad shape. The afternoon after she died, when I came home, there was an overpowering sense of calm. I was devastated nevertheless. A friend gave me a new kitty, which I reluctantly accepted. I love my new kitty but think about my old one and still miss her dearly. How can I connect with her to find out how is she doing and if she understands why we did what we did? I keep her ashes with me. Might she return to me?


I’m sorry for your loss. No matter how much time passes, we never forget those we have loved. I’m certain that the calm you felt the day after your cat died was Margarita’s spirit attempting to comfort you as she often did when she was alive.

Please don’t hold back from falling in love with your new kitty, for, in nurturing your new pet, you are keeping the love and affection you once shared with Margarita alive. It is important to remember that when we continue to circulate the love, energy, and devotion we used to enjoy in certain relationships, we honor those we have lost. There is nothing wrong about opening our hearts to love someone new.

You may want to create a special altar or place where you keep Margarita’s ashes along with pictures or objects that belonged to her. Each time you pass it and think of her with love, you will be connecting with her. You could also create a special garden space for her by placing a few of her ashes in the ground and surrounding it with beautiful flowers as a memorial to her.

Rest assured that she misses you as much as you miss her and that she is always nearby. If she is able, she may send you signs or little reminders through sounds, smells or misplaced objects of hers that appear in unusual places. If you stop and listen closely when she is heavy on your mind, you may even hear a purring in the distance or sense the softness of her fur against your cheek or rubbing against your leg.

You may also notice that your new kitten gravitates to certain places or appears to be looking at something that you can’t see. Because cats have such a keen sense of intuition, she may be able to see Margarita even though you cannot.

I believe that just as people reincarnate, so do our beloved pets, so it is definitely possible for her to come back to you. It may be that in the future you adopt another pet and find it to have the same characteristics Margarita did.

In any case, when you feel the need to connect with her, you may find guided meditation to be helpful. To use this method, simply gather together her ashes and a few white candles or sit at the altar or memorial you have created for her and spend some time talking with her. Devote this time to remembering all the wonderful things you shared and how much you miss her.

Pets can also appear in dreams, so while you are meditating, you might want to ask her to visit you in your sleep. By spending special time with her in this way, you can begin to heal the grief and sense of loss you’ve been experiencing.


With difficult decisions like the one you had to make for your beloved cat, intention is everything; you did what you did from a place of love. You did for your cat what you would want done for you if you were suffering similarly; no one can ask more of you than that. The love behind this decision is definitely something that animals understand. Although your sense of guilt is understandable, I’m sure on a logical level you can see how it’s misplaced.

You might find it both comforting and enlightening to read Animals and the Afterlife by Kim Sheridan or one of the other great books on the market devoted to the eternal spiritual bond between beloved pets and their owners. Many people have shared heartwarming stories about the spirits of departed pets visiting them and also about pets reincarnating and returning to them in a new form.

Many people also report having dreams of their departed pets. Since this is an easy way to communicate with loved ones in Spirit, one of the most effective things you could do is actively work with your dreams by keeping a dream journal and also consciously requesting dream visits from your beloved kitty.

You can also pray for signs that your cat is doing fine in the afterlife. It will be more reassuring if you specify the sign you’d like to receive so that you’re not left guessing if some strange coincidence is a sign or not. For example, you might ask for signs related to your pet’s name, images of cats that resemble her, or stories about spiritual encounters with animals.

After you’ve established the way you’d like signs to come to you, begin to watch for them. You might overhear someone talking about a pet experience, begin to see and hear the word Margarita everywhere, or start having some unusual experiences of your own. The important thing is to trust how you feel when this happens. When we receive signs from Spirit, they are always accompanied by a sense that something meaningful is happening.

Finally, the more you develop your ability to sense subtle energy and consciously tune in to other dimensions of experience, the easier it will be for you to alter your state of consciousness to connect with departed loved ones. If you try the above suggestions and you’re still hurting, you might try hypnotherapy to resolve your grief and guilt. A skilled therapist should also be able to facilitate psychic interaction with your beloved cat so that you can communicate with her, make sure she’s fine, and ask her to return to you in a new form.

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